“Physical Divinity” – An exploration of the divine experience through the physical

In the first part of this workshop the participant will be shown techniques and tools for accessing a full divine experience through exercises and specific focuses that create open channels to both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine simultaneously.

This technique includes movements and specific focuses meant to access the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as part of the full expression of the Divine Self.

The second part of the workshop the participant will be shown how to bring this personal space with them into interactions with others – where each person’s individuality is honored and held sacred!

The techniques shown will encourage permission to just be you and fully authentic as well as tools for the person to take with them to continue the process of self-discovery!


Edmund K Friedman is spiritual guide trained as a Bioenergetics practitioner, Ordained Minister, Reiki Teacher and occasional human being. Edmund’s extensive relationship with the path of enlightenment has embraced an eclectic mix of standup comedy, writing, photography, shamanism, Zen Buddhism and eating ice cream for dinner. Edmund’s focus & guidance emphasizes physical and emotional groundedness as a path to authentic experiences of the Divine & one’s essential self.


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