Unifier Solstice Gathering

Saturday, Dec. 19th


Montague Retreat Center
177 Ripley Rd. Montague, MA

$20 General Admission
$5 Cacao Ceremony with G.A.
Kids under 11 admitted free

Join us for an organic celebration of Sacred Art, Ceremony, Dance, Kids Programming and Live Music!

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Accolades from the Polish Ambassador

Lost In Sound

Image Credit : Lost In Sound

Every so often a festival comes along and really touches my heart, brings a smile to my face, tears to me eyes. Last year it was Beloved Festival in Oregon, and this year it was Unifier Festival in Western Massachusetts.

It’s a hard thing to articulate, but I think the main thing that struck me about Unifier this year was that their primary focus was 3 fold:

  • – To create a container of reverence for this planet
  • – To treasure the sacredness of human connection
  • – To acknowledge the importance of ceremony as a weaver of the gathering from start to finish

Participants can feel that, artists can feel that, the event producers can feel that and what happens is a sweet, welcoming, intimate, intentional, celebratory environment where you can’t walk by another human without smiling. Body and mind rests into ease, and clarity emerges.

– The Polish Ambassador

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