Flower mandala photo by Nikki Scioscia

photo by Nikki Scioscia

Hello dear Unifier community

It has been such an incredible ride being in service to this great Unifier community over the last decade.

Bringing people together in a heart-expanded space with a focus on reverence for the Land, connection, service and sacred earth celebration is needed more now than ever.

While our personal growth has deepened and our curation has brought inspirational experiences, we have always had great difficulty financially. In 2019 we came very close to breaking even for the first time, then Covid brought a major setback for the growth we needed to meet our expenses.

We have stayed strong in our commitment to not sell alcohol, and to not receive corporate sponsorship from organizations that are not fully in alignment with our vision.

At this time we must share that we have decided that there will be no Unifier Festival in 2024.

The fiscal and energetic toll would make it irresponsible for us to proceed at this time. And we are excited to turn our efforts towards more sustainable endeavors.  

We hold space for the possibility of our return in 2025.

The HeARTbeat Collective will remain committed to our mission, and will continue to bring people together through various gatherings.

We are so grateful for all of the beauty that has been shared by our artists, attendees, teachers and volunteers, and for all of the service from our staff.

Please continue to be a part of all of the HeARTbeat Collective’s collabs & other gatherings and events, like Forestdance, MELT and the upcoming Western Mass Herbal Symposium.

You can sign up for our email list at www.HeARTbeatCollective.org.

We remain committed to holding heart-based inclusive gatherings that focus on culture, art and connection to nature and one another.

—Thank you all for your support of our first 8 festivals.—


Expansiveness and Inclusivity. Love and Sweat. Rhythm & Creativity. Culture & Wisdom.
This is Unifier. Come get down.











Flow Arts




“Every so often a festival comes along and really touches my heart, brings a smile to my face, tears to me eyes. Last year it was Beloved Festival in Oregon, and this year it was Unifier Festival in Western Massachusetts.

It’s a hard thing to articulate, but I think the main thing that struck me about Unifier this year was that their primary focus was 3 fold:

To create a container of reverence for this planet

To treasure the sacredness of human connection

To acknowledge the importance of ceremony as a weaver of the gathering from start to finish

Participants can feel that, artists can feel that, the event producers can feel that and what happens is a sweet, welcoming, intimate, intentional, celebratory environment where you can’t walk by another human without smiling. Body and mind rests into ease, and clarity emerges.”

-The Polish Ambassador


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Unifier Festival is a Healing and Expressive Arts Festival, A Sacred World Music Festival, and a Beach Party. Immerse Yourself in Nature on 417 community owned acres in the foothills of the Berkshires

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