Dearest Unifiers,

Happy Summer Solstice to you and yours.

It is such a gift to be reminiscing on 6 years of Solstice memories together.  

While it would have been wonderful to be gathering at Camp Timber Trails, we trust that everyone is finding meaningful ways to honor the longest day of the year.

Years ago a vision came to hold a sacred healing and expressive arts festival, a dance party, a gathering that honored the land, the environment, our food systems, explored our belief systems, and expressed our artfulness.  The intention of this vision was for us to find a place to gather, and for the gathering to grow into a means to support and help steward the land.  

We had a ten year model.  And eventually, once the land project was sustainable, we would potentially downsize the festival back into something that was more manageable and that would take less of a toll on the producers and the land itself.  

Well the land project is now close to self sustaining.  With Covid having come, peaked, and perhaps gone in any negatively impactful way, we find ourselves close to achieving the goal of our initial mission.  Now is a time for us to sink into the greatest of our intentions.  It does feel like a time of great change.  And currently, it seems we may just have another good run in our blood and bones.  

We will be coming out with some information for our potential 2022 Unifier Festival soon.  

Expect a date change, and more of the ecstatic and cultural experiences of depth and well being we have shared together in past years.  

If you still have a registration from our 2020 cancellation, you have the option to exchange it in part for a ticket to the upcoming Forestdance gathering, Aug 18th-22nd, at Camp Timber Trails.  Check out for further information.  

To all of our family, all of our staff, artists, teachers, volunteers, attendees and neighbors, we hold such gratitude for all we have done.


Until the next we circle together, Please Hear Us Say Thank You. 


Your Unifier Festival stewards.

June 20th, 2021

Expansiveness and Inclusivity. Love and Sweat. Rhythm & Creativity. Culture & Wisdom.
This is Unifier. Come get down.









Stay Tuned!


Stay Tuned!


Stay Tuned!


Stay Tuned!


Stay Tuned!


Stay Tuned!

"Every so often a festival comes along and really touches my heart, brings a smile to my face, tears to me eyes. Last year it was Beloved Festival in Oregon, and this year it was Unifier Festival in Western Massachusetts.

It’s a hard thing to articulate, but I think the main thing that struck me about Unifier this year was that their primary focus was 3 fold:

To create a container of reverence for this planet

To treasure the sacredness of human connection

To acknowledge the importance of ceremony as a weaver of the gathering from start to finish

Participants can feel that, artists can feel that, the event producers can feel that and what happens is a sweet, welcoming, intimate, intentional, celebratory environment where you can’t walk by another human without smiling. Body and mind rests into ease, and clarity emerges."

-The Polish Ambassador


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Unifier Festival is a Healing and Expressive Arts Festival, A Sacred World Music Festival, and a Beach Party. Immerse Yourself in Nature on 417 community owned acres in the foothills of the Berkshires

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