Yoga + Sound + Energy Healing

Join Khem Reyall, Jonathon Mota, Cydney Johnson, and Kasie Bubenicek as they guide you through a yogic postures while receiving the soothing sounds and energy healing from Khem Reyall, Jonathon Mota, and Cydney Johnson

Khem Reyall

I am a Sekhem Sound Healer from Connecticut and I started my healing journey as a young girl. In my own personal awakening was the encouragement of my Spirit Guides calling for me to use my voice and creative gifts to spread love and light. To specify my background, I embarked upon my healing path by enrolling as a student at Sage Academy of Sound Energy in Woodstock New York. I later received credentials under Diane Ruth Shewmaker who was taught by Patrick Ziegler, founder of the organization for All Love Sekhem Healing & Teaching in our modern age. My practice includes tuning the energy field with healing frequencies of the human voice, Ancient Egyptian Healings of Sekhem, as well as instruments such as the Tuning Forks, Indian Shruti Box, Himalayan Singing Bowls and much more.  Sekhem Sound Healing creates a beautiful balance and harmony in a person’s body, spirit, and mind.

Kasie Bubenicek

Kasie Bubenicek is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer and the owner of The Art of Healing. Kasie is honored to offer a uniquely sacred experience by awakening healing in all those who wish to connect with their Higher Self.
Kasie is very connected to her intuitive body and receives guidance from her ancestors and spirit guides. This gift allows her to deeply connect to all the beautiful souls that surround her. She works with her spirit guides during her yoga classes as well. Kasie completed her 200-hours of yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. She is very passionate about helping others find wholeness and bringing oneness into the community. Kasie challenges her students to push beyond their comfort zone and supports them both spiritually and physically.


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