Wind, Fire, Water, Earth.

Exploring your senses, we will journey together through a movement meditation round the medicine wheel. Grounded in sacred space and Divine frequencies, we will open a portal to the four directions with a liquid rainbow of harmonics. This workshop with contain four carefully designed sound healing sets capturing the essence of wind, fire, water, and earth. To aid internal reflection, participants will wear blindfolds as they dance through the elements. Please Join Diane Leigh and James Unklebrother for this flight through the dimensions.

Diane Leigh Flanagan

Born and raised in the Unitarian Universalist congregation, Diane Leigh Flanagan was given the freedom and encouragement to seek her own spiritual path. Participation in earth based ceremonies as a child carved the path toward a life of paganism. Orienting towards her ancestry, she walks in search of wisdom and healing through ancient Irish tradition and folklore. Diane has studied from different cultures and traditions and holds a 200YTT. With her bachelors in biology and chemistry, she enjoys when science and spirituality align. A survivor, she facilitates women’s ceremonies seeking healing and connection with the feminine. Dancing is her most favorite activity. Honoring her life as ceremony she brings this intentionality to her life and workshops. Through Divine frequencies and healing tones, James Mcgrath UnkleBrother welcomes you to upgrade into your fullest potential and divinity that has been your birthright! In a world of much extra activity and toxicity, one can become overwhelmed with unwanted or stagnant energy. It is his overstanding that stepping back into the simplicity of compassionate love, self care, and meditation is increasingly more important and integral to our health and community. Unklebrother is honored to facilitate this limitless ancient healing. Finding that the tuning of his voice is like tuning this Divine instrument of self. Unkelbrother studied holographic sound healing with his elders and continues expanding the ability to share the gift of sound. With Grace we are gently walking our brothers and sisters home. Many thanks and blessings.


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