What’s all this Gender Stuff going on? (60 mins discussion forum)

Hollis Taylor uses the word Androgyne as a spiritual journey with gender. Hollis Taylor identifies as a Non Binary Gender Queer Divinely Inspired Androgyne. One of many androgynes emerging in our world, they offer an open discussion, questions and answer forum regarding gender equality, gender expressions and the newest emergence of terms like “GenderQueer” – “Non-Binary” and other terms around the newest evolution of humans rights emerging from the transgender community. Helping to answer awkward questions in an informative and educational way Hollis helps us understand the coming generations ideas around gender, sexuality and authentic self expression. Hollis will provide some basic background about how ancient tribes handled gender variance and how we can we can support the current gender evolution. Although Hollis will help set the stage this discussion it will become open for questions, discussions, and deep story sharing around our own gender experience. Hollis Taylor is the publisher of DiversiTree.org – An Online Publication for Inclusive Spirituality. This is safe space for all gender expressions, all those that identify on the spectrum, all sexual expressions including asexuality and sacred sluts. This is a safe space for all people, a place to gather in peace to further understanding around these topics. This is also a safe place to ask questions with the intention of understanding.

CONVERSATIONS WITH OUR ANCESTORS – Everyone has ancestors whispering with messages to help us on our path to deeper consciousness. Yet many of us struggle to understand these messages even though there are many paths that teach methods of communications with our ancestors. In this workshop Hollis will share their own story regarding their call to medium work when their father died, 19 years ago. Hollis shares their wisdom, from many paths explored, about methods used to develop conversations & relationships with our blood & spirit ancestors. This workshop will also include a guided meditation to reach out to our spirit guides & ancestors in order begin to develop a deeper relationship and understanding with the other side. Hollis has experienced education with a long list of paths that offer workings with the other side and now empowers others to discover what works for their own personal relationship with their ancestors. Hollis was called and accepted the path as a death midwife over 5 years ago and will also touch on the subject of how we move through our final moments in this realm.

Hollis Taylor (gender neutral pronouns) identifies as a GenderQueer politically and a Divine Androgyne spiritually. Hollis is also known as Izzy Ahee, a traveling DJ Drag King and performer. Hollis appears as many characters including a Hobbit, a Hippo, and even a Leprechaun and often is seen tap dancing. Hollis is the creator and joyful movement guide at LetsDanceActivities.org – a special program for people with alzheimer’s, dementia, special needs, and other challenged communities. Hollis has over 20 years experience and education in scouting, empowerment, sexuality & boundaries, counseling, energetic healing arts, and has been working with their personal ancestors since their father died almost 20 years ago. Hollis was inspired to start DiversiTree.org in order to help spread inclusive consciousness.



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