Volunteer FAQ

When you volunteer, you take your experience to the next level. Here are some FAQs and answers you might be interested in:

When are we allowed on site?
Monday morning, June 19th 10am, if you are scheduled to work that day

How long can we stay on site?
Attendees can sleep over Sunday night. Everyone has to leave by noon on Monday, June 26th

Where do we go to check in?
You will be directed to Volunteer HQ when you arrive at the festival. After you receive your credentials, swag and schedule reminder, return to the same location to check in for your shift.

Do we need a camping pass?
Nope. It is included in your Volunteer ticket.

What should we bring?
An extra Water Bottle
Head Lamp (for Night shifters)
A Bandana to soak to cool down
Take a look at the Attendee FAQ page

What is my time commitment?
Pre and Post Show commitments are two 10 hour shifts. During the festival shifts are three 6 hour shifts.

When and Where can we redeem the meal ticket?
Staff meals are shared at the Unifier Cafe. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner times will be posted on site.

Do we need to check out at the end of our shift?
Yes, please. A bit before your shift is complete, your supervisor will come around with your replacement. Take 10 minutes to briefly train and make sure they know what they are doing and then head over to the Volunteer HQ to check out and receive your meal ticket.

Are the volunteer jobs subject to change?
We trust in our scheduling process, but those of you who have volunteered before know that unforeseen incidentals occur. This means that in rare cases, the job you signed up for might not be what you end up doing. We will never switch you a job that you are uncomfortable with. Most of the time, it’s an upgrade!

All other general questions can be answered on the Unifier Roots Gathering website.

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