Join Emmanni Martine in a Trust Your Gut Follow Your Heart Yoga set and meditation that strengthens your neutral mind and boldly follow your own path and rhythms. The neutral mind is your souls guidance, your intuition, that allows wisdom to come shining through. Reconnect to your heart and clear the road from emotional reactions to right action in the twists and turns of everyday life. Set yourself to balanced and let go of feeling indecisive and being pulled in all directions.  All Levels Welcome!

Emmanni Martine has a dynamically playful and compassionate way of being. Devoted to the Breath of Spirit, she portrays humble courage in sharing her personal truth through inner guidance.

Since the age of 11, Emmanni has been exploring different modalities that would help to answer the question, “Who am I”? Over time, knowledge of spiritual practices presented themselves. Through doing the personal work using the breath, meditation, visualizations and other healing modalities found that the answer rests within.

Emmanni enjoys taking part in her love of dance, drum rhythms, physical fitness, flow arts and yoga. She is twice certified in The Silva Method by Jose Silva to develop and trust your intuition.

This further led her to go diving deep within the sacred teachings and technology that is Kundalini yoga to develop a true sense of self awareness. She is now an 800hr Kundalini yoga teacher with a strong personal practice, trained under incredible teachers, Ravi Singh and Ana Brett.

Currently residing in Connecticut, she is passionate about supporting events that uplift and support community in personal, spiritual and creative development. From the fun of directing fashion shows to aiding in yoga festivals she shares the technology that is Kundalini Yoga that works dynamically to arrive at higher states of self-awareness, increased focus, health, calm and joy.



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