Sunday 1pm Sound Portal

Featuring Tala Durso of Sacred Alignment

Tala uses drumming, rattles, singing bowls, channeled vocal toning and sacred handmade tools to connect with ancient Egyptian guidance from the Hathors, Native American spirit guides and  ascended masters to open a sound portal. This portal is an opportunity for you to connect with your guides and journey to receive messages.

Tala Durso

Tala is a healer of multi-cultural decent and influence. Her heritage is a mixture of Celtic, African, Native American and European decent. A Certified Holographic Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, an ordained multi-faith Minister/Reverend of Our Lord & Lady of the Trinacrian Rose; she also studies and practices the Pachakuti Mesa Cross-cultural Shamanism. For several years she has been a powerful energy worker, Sound healer and Spiritual Teacher of individuals and groups full time; Spiritual Event Planner and a Master Craftsman of Ritual, Ceremonial and Energetic tools. Tala works with Ancestors, Egyptian, Native American, Shamanic, Angelic and Ascended Masters of all faiths to create necessary connections for others to connect with their own guides and ancestors for guidance, forgiveness and ease of transition in their own lives.


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