The Inner Androgyne ~ When Masculine & Feminine are in Balance True Power Awakens.

In the balance between Heaven and Earth, God and Goddess, Active and receptive, lives divine harmony. It is essential to alchemically join these two energies in a balanced way to become whole beings, to fully come into our power as the dreamers and manifestors of our own reality. We all have, and need our masculine and feminine characteristics and behaviors to thrive. You will be given a potent key to switch your polarity back and forth AT WILL, so that you can access the skill sets inherent in each aspect, which we help you be more effective in every aspect of your life. Acquiring a greater understanding of these two polar forces will bring you into a greater balance with yourself, and assist our community and our world to have greater balance.

Sylvia Brallier

This workshop is offered by Sylvia Brallier, who is a award-winning author and a spiritual teacher. who offers intensive workshops, trainings and retreats around the world. Her loving and wise approach to personal transformation has been instrumental in changing many lives. She is a master at the art of helping people overcome their limitations with impeccability, kindness and humor. The methods Sylvia employs are powerful and at the same time uniquely gentle and compassionate. Don’t miss this special opportunity work with the master of the healing arts!


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