Community Storytime – Children of all ages, even the big ones, love this storyteller. Bright Hawk brings her original stories to the stage with her own handpan music. Simultaneously playing the handpan and telling the story she takes us on a journey. Sometimes a journey around the world with travel stories that include inspirational messages about bringing world peace. Stressing love and peace with original pieces of music that encourage audience participation. She is also well known as the ‘baby dancer’ since children seem to either dance or become mesmerized at her storytelling and when combined with the handpan Bright Hawk becomes positively irresistible. The original pieces of music carry the message of the story home to the heart of the child within all of us, including conscious parenting styles like “being ourselves” or “being good to nature”. Bright Hawk’s stories have inclusive characters with the intention to celebrate our human diversity. Joined by a live action character in costume to play out the stories for the children in interpretive dance. Leaving the audience feeling joyous, inspired, and happy – Bright Hawk’s performance is unique. A storyteller handpan player for the delight of all peoples.

Storytelling that Inspires Consciousness – (2 parts – afternoon/evening) This inspiring positive handpan storyteller, Bright Hawk, brings to us a storytelling intensive in safe space that opens the heart to vulnerability. An experience surely to bring laughter, tears, growth, and a deeper understanding for each other. In witnessing each other’s stories we grow deeper in compassionate understanding and get to share our own wisdom. Bright Hawk will guide us through an intensive with wisdom regarding timing and skills. It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend the afternoon workshop so that your story can be shared within the allotted time and guidelines, that evening. After reviewing some basic storytelling skills we will dive deep into a community share. This intensive will leave us all feeling more connected, loved, and naturally inspired to speak more consciously.

Community Storytime (Performance)

Bright Hawk is a multi-talented woman that loves to uplift the people around her. Her uplifting spirit, storytelling and music have entertained many audiences around the world for the past 20 years. As she grows as a musician she is loving what she does and doing what she loves. Bright Hawk has been part of the conscious community and a light worker for over 30 years.

Bright Hawk plays a variety of instruments, the most intriguing of them is the handpan, a Hang PANArt. Her lifetime of experience as a percussionist have inspired most of her original music that she creates on the handpan. All of the music that Bright Hawk plays on this instrument is an original composition. She also holds a natural ability as a Storyteller. Uniquely, she tells stories passionately while simultaneously providing her own music to go with her stories.



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