Soul Flower Poetics

Soulution-Aries Cypher and Free Style Forum
Saturday 5pm sharp on The Main Festival Field

Unifier’s who among us has some ideas about how to create Soul-utions
in our great big world?
Who among us see’s a need for diversity, reparations, social, political, economic and
emotional justice?
I’ve coined the phrase The WORLD IS OUT OF ORDER… and it’s up to all of us to
fix it…. by any means necessary…

Soulution-Aires are people who know something is wrong with the big picture, with the status quo, with the social social sorcery that has plagued our nation for far too long, with the injustices’ we see everyday and the ones which are veiled in deception but which are palpable to us on every level of consciousness…
Soulution-Aries are people who have energy to give toward finding answers and to making use of resources to help become the change makers, love warriors and justice workers.
Soulution-Aries use their words, actions and stories to become responsible for our evolution and the great planetary shift in consciousness we are all participants in.
The Soulution-Aries Cypher and Freestyle Forum is a place to grow wings for your ideas, turn your ART into Medicine, Redemption and Revolution and to make our future world an irresistibly sustainable and just place to co-exist …
A Cypher is a cyclical entity in urban slang speech, a space to move the energy around and share ideas, soul stories,testimonies, inspirations, poems, prose, spoken words and ascended actions toward the great shift in human and spiritual consciousness.
The only rule in participating is that we move in a circle with our voices and allow space for everyone to spit their sound collages and testimonies, Witnessed and Lifted by each other in our diverse Festival Common-Unity.

Bring an open mind and more importantly leave with an open heart……
If this sounds like you, this is the place to be on Saturday at Unifier. Meet on the Main Field at5pm– Smack Dab in the middle of Vendor Village and bring your Soul Stories, Urgent Napkin Poems, Testimonies, Beat Boxes, and Your Voice as your tool for Collective Participation, Power-full Action and The Sound of Unifiers Visceral Voice that the time for Change is NOW….

Unifier’s Solution-Aries Cypher will be Co-Faciliated by Word Priestess and Spoken Word Artist Venus Zephyr & MC Srikala of Sriakology

Srikala is an MC, DJ, producer, and percussionist who has established solid footing — and an equally solid following — by creating hip hop rooted in confidence without bravado. The soul in his music is found not only in the rhythms, but in the energy and intention of each beat.

Because we believe in the power of love.
Because we choose to live this life free. Because we know freedom starts in the mind.Because the mind is conquered by the heart. ::::: Srikala

Venus Zephyr
Venus Zephyr is an Artist, Activist, Spoken Word Poetic Priestess, VHerbalist and Love Warrior who makes her work in the world mirror the consciousness raising vibration most needed in the world.
Soul Flower Poetics conspires the poems, prose, stories and testimonies of Venus Zephyr. Through Sound Collage, Mixed Media Artwork, Personal Testimony and Co-created Experience Venus seeks to redeem the ways art can transcend and translate into medicine, redemption and revolution.

Begin within
What if tomorrow never came
I’m allergic to Violence
I have lived in a cage
I am writing this poem to show that LOVE is my Gauge ::::: Venus Zephyr



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