Setting intentions with Magical Mandala
Mandala is an ancient method to project the stories, which happen in your inner realm into abstract colorful patterns, put inside the circle. Why is it a circle? In the human psyche the circle represents “The Whole” – earth, womb, Sun. Shamans, Buddhists and alchemists used the mandala as an important transnational method.

Mandala can be drawn for many purposes – for reflecting the status of your inner development, for self healing, to work on your goals. Mandala can become a magical key, an intermediate step between imagination, fantasy, dream and its manifestation in reality.

No painting experience necessary.
All materials provided.

Dreams as a powerful advisers. Dream theater. This event will present practical, effective and playful methods on integrating dreams and dream-like shamanic experiences into your daily life.
A client has asked me: – I am confused, there are so many various ways to the health and spirituality, how to find the right one?
My answer is – listen to your soul. How to make a decision in this world of many choices and tons of information? Learn the language of your soul and connect to your inner truth and intuition.
Dreams are the language our soul talks to us every night. How to learn this language? Please join us for the dreams lab and learn about the wonderful methods of dream work.

Dina Ostrovsky weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual Earth practices into her transnational programs. She is a Shamanic Healer initiated in the Eastern European Tuva Lineage and is studying for a Master’s Degree in Process Oriented Psychology.
For the last 15 years she has also been practicing Dzogchen Buddhism and Qigong with master teachers. Having recently returned to the States after working in Costa Rica as the Director of a holistic addiction rehab center, she is now serving on the East Coast as a transnational coach, therapist and family constellation facilitator. She is also the founder and director of Ursa Major Travel Club, leading spiritual travel adventures around the world. “The Art and Science of Transformation has become my career and my passion. I am honored to assist others on this path with my knowledge, vision, and experience.” More info at http://www.TERRApia.org




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