See With Your Heart: An Integration of Ancestral Consciousness, Spiritual Archetypes & the Sacred Earth


Are you called to shed the old paradigms, outdated stories, and ancient codes that have held you back?

Do you seek balance and wholeness for the greater community of life on sacred Earth?

Internationally known innovators in consciousness, Dan Booth Cohen, PhD and Emily Blefeld Volden, LICSW, invite you to step into the living, breathing edge of the evolutionary process, open your heart as an organ of perception, and hear the call of the Earth  for an end to violence, oppression of the feminine, and repression of human sexuality!  Through personal and group processes, you will uncover the hidden patterns and habits that unconsciously hold you back,  release limiting beliefs, impulses, and fears, and open new pathways to passion, pleasure, and purpose.

You are surrounded by ancestral and spiritual resources that have been suppressed by the dominant cultural models. It is time to tune-in and wake-up to the potential of your birthright!  This sacred experiential process allows you to amplify your body’s natural capacity to perceive and integrate the resonance that link family members across distances of migration and generations.

In the Field of consciousness, ancestral presences often become tangibly real and participants make direct contact with the spiritual wisdom embodied within the Earth, ocean, trees, archetypes, divine presences, astrological aspects, and mythical creatures.

Each day’s workshop will assist you with transforming the challenges that block you from creating the life and relationships you desire.

Day 1: Transform Your Shadow of Pain and Free Yourself to Experience Deep Connection, Joy, and Abundance

Day 2: Unleash the Radiance of Your Heart and Harness Sacred Resources in Fields of Expanded Consciousness

Emily and Dan are joined by herbalist Anna Booth Cohen who will offer participants a specially brewed tea designed to open pathways between human consciousness and our plant allies of the sacred Earth.

We invite participants to bring drums, rattles and other instruments.


Dan Booth Cohen, PhD is an internationally known psychologist, author, trainer, and Systemic Family Constellations facilitator. Dan specializes in caring for wounds in deep personal spaces.  His practice model incorporates the three Dimensions of Consciousness to actively release the legacy of historic trauma, often accessing archetypes and mythic characters to stand with members of the family system. Dan Booth Cohen holds a PhD from Saybrook University and an MBA from Boston University. He is author of I Carry Your Heart in My Heart: Family Constellations in Prison and numerous scholarly articles and book chapters.

Emily Blefeld Volden, LICSW is a psychotherapist, trainer, and Systemic Family Constellations facilitator who possesses a rare ability to “tune in” to the hidden information contained within our hearts and familial lineages. Emily combines scientifically validated clinical modalities with her intuitive capacity to help individuals and couples uncover the origin of their difficulties, relieve underlying traumas and emotional entanglements, and create an immediate pathway to positive transformation. Emily’s unique approach blends integrative psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and Systemic Family Constellations. A Masters graduate of the University of Minnesota, Emily is the founder of Psychotherapy Center for Wellness, LLC in Providence, Rhode Island and co-founder of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Program.


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