Liminal Tribal

Exploring the threshold of modern fusion bellydance and modern movement.


1: of or relating to a sensory threshold

2: barely perceptible

3: of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition : in-between, transitionalTraverse the realms where bellydance and personal movement meet. Enjoy an empowering class thathelps awaken the etheric body. We will focus on fluid, dynamic, and energetic forms with technique as our foundation in order to explore our creative centers. Class starts with light yoga and a mindfulness meditation. Bring a mat and water bottle.


Sarah “Jezebel” Wood ,is a bellydance fusion artist and certified yoga instructor living in the New York City where she teaches weekly classes and performs regularly. Sarah loves to nurtureand cultivate the deep creative beauty and strength that we each hold as dancers and envisionsdance as fluid meditation where our bodies are the catalyst to experience higher levels ofconsciousness. Knocking down boundaries Sarah’s style ranges from slow and sinuous to quick,dark and aggressive. Her inspirations vary from the natural world to the occult to visionary art.Fascinated by the mystical properties of dance and the roll of the dancer as Oracle, Sarah

Jezebel created LUNARIS. LUNARIS weaves together tales of the Delphic Oracle and Sybil ofCumae with the turn of the century Spiritualists who performed Seances and read tea leaves.Sarah Jezebel is currently writing a full length show which will be premiere in Boston and NYC sometime in 2017. Along with her many other obsessions she is also the co-producer and co-creatrix of OCCULT Arts Salon which celebrates the intertwining vines of Art and Magick.  In the not so distant past Sarah worked in New York for Visionary Artist Alex Grey, creator of CoSM, while teaching bellydance in both the Hudson Valley and NYC. Sarah had the opportunity and the pleasure of studying with Sera Solstice, founder of Bold Bellydance. During this time Sarah Jezebel performed with Solstice Dance Ensemble. While a part of this inspiring troupe she traveled and danced at Spirit of the Tribes, Spring Caravan, Rakkasah and Tribal Fest. Sarah Jezebel also participated in three of Sera Solstice’s instructional DVD’s; LunarBellydance, Solar Bellydance and East Coast Tribal Foundations. As part of the Solstice Studio’sstaff, Sarah Jezebel taught an ongoing weekly class entitled Dark Tribal. In the Summer 2010 she met the joyful and beautiful couple Elizabeth Muise and Shane Chikeles. Through the love ofluscious exotic rhythms and Classic Tribal Bellydance they joined forces to form Boom Boom Shake a nouveau middle eastern ensemble, which Elizabeth and Shane now tour nationally with. Her affair with dance started after falling in love with liquid fusion dance styles in theunderground club scene of Boston. She eventually ventured into other avenues of performance

and dance working with the Boston Baby Dolls Burlesque Troupe as part of their original line

up. Soon her tastes expanded and started training with Shakti Rowan in ITS style bellydance

and Tribal Bellydance which soon swept her into the arms of Naraya as Vadalna moved to

Boston. She has also studied traditional Indian dance: Bharatanatyam, and spent many a

summer adventure in the shamanistic fire circle community. Sarah has studied and performed

Bellydance with Sera Solstice, Solstice Ensemble, Shakti Rowan, Vadalna, and Naraya and taken

workshops from Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Zafira, Asharah, Unmata

and Jill Parker. Sarah enjoys the connection between dancer and musician and has performed

live with acts such as HuDost, Copal,Boom Boom Shake and Incus



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