Reina Williams

Baltimore native Reina Williams uses her voice and innate penchant for lyricism to tap into the lightest and darkest parts of being human. Right now, we are all in extreme need of real connection. Connection with the planet, with each other, and most importantly with our inner selves. Music has a beautiful way of slipping through the cracks in our armour and reaching the most familiar parts of our humanity. Her music is like a soundtrack for healing, revealing, struggle, self discovery, and returning to love. With a little over two decades of songwriting and performing under her belt, Reina has shared her voice and her music with audiences from Baltimore to San Fransisco. She has also used her composing and production skills to break-in to the lucrative and exciting business of music publishing. She has had her music featured in shows such as "Power", "Californication" and "Black Ink" to name a few. As well as secured a business partnership with global publishing giant BMG Chrysalis. When it is all said and done, none of this would even be possible without the music. Without the love and understanding that going where the love flows is ultimately how we will all rise to our highest potential.


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