Marie Lautrec transforms into the sweet, curious & adventurous songster clown, Murry Eyeball. Murry finds comraderie amongst the little people (& big-little people for that matter) and introduces them to the world of Rainbow Energy through her magical rainbow hoop and the many wondrous knick-knacks she keeps in her Murry Poppins bag! Laughing, wiggling & silly songs are commonplace on the grand adventures of Murry Eyeball! In Rainbow Energy Landia, everyone is welcome to express their inner silliness to the fullest and to appreciate each and everyone’s Rainbow Energy fields with love and play.

Wiggle your way through the magical Rainbow Energy hoop into Rainbow Energy Landia & explore the magic of all things- backwards, forwards, upwards, inwards- in imagination we will share an adventure as we remind ourselves of the rainbow energy that lives in us all and oh what silly play it can incite!



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Unifier Festival is a Healing and Expressive Arts Festival, A Sacred World Music Festival, and a Beach Party. Immerse Yourself in Nature on 417 community owned acres in the foothills of the Berkshires

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