Project Method is a Hip-Hop collective founded in Boston, MA and features four inspired teenage artists, 15-18 years old.

The MCs united around their shared passion for Hip-Hop at ZUMIX, the music education nonprofit based in East Boston. Project Method has performed throughout New England including concerts at the Company One Theatre and AS220. The lineup includes Jr Biggie, NGK FENDII, Dawry, and JTR/C3.

Project Method use their experiences growing up in the urban city, to express the realities that they face, over beats that appeal to a mainstream Hip-Hop audience. They express the struggles of love, poverty and racism with a rebellious, yet uplifting tone. Their styles all juxtapose each other, however over their time making music together they have found a unique sound feeding off of each others energies. Their live performances are known to be the highlight of many nights, as they are able to bring youthful vibes and diverse audiences together.

Dawry is known for his abstract sounding beats and syncopated flows, that appeal to a new generation of style and acceptance. JTRC3 is known for his melodic yet fast flows that appeals to both a young and old hearted audience. Jr Biggie is known for his old school image and influence from formative 90s artists, such Prodigy and Method Man. NGK FENDII is known to be the most aggressive in his delivery and raw beat production. Project Method’s performances are infectious and leave you feeling energized and wanting more.




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