Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner and Sacred Dance Artist, Pia Louise Capaldi aims to nurture the many faces of self-expression, as well as help others to unearth their expressive roots.

Pia feels the most important aspect of her artistic expression comes from a place of confidence, connection and body awareness.

Since becoming aware of her spiritual truths at a very young age, Pia devoted much of her time to building a relationship with the natural world; rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing injured and abandoned New England wildlife, while studying and recreating their unique ecosystems and habitats. Pia’s shamanic practice is inspired by her study of the Andean (Q’ero) Tradition of Shamanic Energy Medicine, her extensive knowledge of animal medicine and her gift of clairvoyance. Pia also incorporates her own original practice of Shamanic Movement, using moving meditation and carefully crafted dance sequences to remove trauma or heavy energy from the physical body and auric field.

Pia’s vision is to help others cultivate a healthy, safe spiritual awareness and personal practice rooted directly in the heart. It is her belief that through personal empowerment and the nurturing of the body, mind and spirit, one can reach a state of deep centeredness that can access profound personal clarity needed to manifest life goals, dreams and desires.

Although she is primarily based out of New England, Pia has been a featured performer, artistic collaborator and creative workshop facilitator in events throughout the United States.

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