OmFly’s Intergenerational Circus is Re-Wilding Medicine for Domesticated Times
:  Aerials, Flying Acrobatic Yoga, Object Manipulation, Pyramids, Movement & More!!  
Class Descriptions: (All classes are open to all ages and levels.  When it comes to play, children are as much our teachers as we are theirs.)
Silks & Circus Arts  –   Learn to defy gravity and weave your body in delightful configurations – the silks teach us how remarkable we can be in our bodies.  In this workshop, we learn how the whole body and the focus of the mind contribute to our movement, choices & abilities.  Circus Arts (diabolo, devil sticks, juggling & hoops) warm up our bodies (wrists/shoulder/core) and our brains (left brain/right brain connectivity).  Exercise through the art/science of play.
Trapeze & Giant Ball Play   –   Static trapeze is the original “yoga in the air.”   Om out and learn to fly, awaken upper body strength, experience the expansiveness of an elevated viewpoint.  Get upside down.  Where else can you be a mermaid and a creature of the air at the same time?   We warm up with 4 & 5 foot tall giant balls, great for wakening wrists, shoulders and core with light acrobatics and balance tricks.  Play is a backdoor to discipline.
Lyra &  Pyramids  –  Though lesser known, the lyra (a kind of circle trapeze) is arguably the most poetic of the aerial arts, with its quiet insistence on defining form through the space in between.   In this workshop we also explore the dynamics of weight transference building human pyramids.  We will take that to the air and explore the beauty of partnership on the lyra, as well.  The more we concentrate, the more fun we have.
Juggling, Poi & Flying Acrobatic Yoga  –    Ancient Egyptians considered Juggling a meditative, even magical practice.  Balance your brain through the meditative practice of juggling, find your inner place of still, exercise your focus.    “POI” is Maori for “ball on a cord,” and has traditionally been used to increase flexibility, strength & coordination in hands and arms.  As an art form, Poi plays with speeds and finding flow amidst shifting arm & foot patterns.   Circus is a culture of inclusion and Flying Acrobatic Yoga exemplifies this – learn trust, community and play as we explore another form of “yoga in the air,” elevating each other through innovative forms of partnership with our bodies.  Breathwork is a thread which connects all three pieces of this workshop.

Hoop Dance Elements & Flow – Discover how the simplicity of the circle can bring inspiration to your dance and movement! Hoop dance is a fun way for any individual to experience creative flow while strengthening the mind and body. In this class, we will explore the foundational elements of hoop dance and find each individual’s unique style. All levels are welcome; the facilitator will meet you where you are at.

Community Circus Yoga – All ages, bodies, and spirits are invited to join in this intergenerational play time! Circus yoga fosters human connection through the art of play. We will access our authentic selves through spontaneous, open-ended creative expression, object manipulation, games, flying yoga and more!
Creative & Improvisational Dance – We are all dancers, and we all dance in our own beautiful way!  Come explore exercises, games, and activities that open you up to your own unique movement. We will create spontaneous improvised dance by combining elements of flow arts, yoga, and your own style of boogie!
Come Play!


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