omfly_photos_jen Founder and artistic director Jen Taylor studied aerials with    NECCA & LAVA, and circus with Circus Minimus & Circus  Yoga.  She has been teaching and directing circus arts and  yoga for 9 years. She also has a degree in Philosophy and  studied engaged  Buddhism with peace activist Thich Nhat  Hahn.


OmFly Co-artistic director, Melissa Cokas, has been teaching various aspects of yoga and movement since becoming certified with Nosara Yoga Institute in 2001.  A lifelong dancer she has studied many forms of dance including ballet, modern, ecstatic, contact, and African the form she has focused on for the past 10 years.  She has been learning, playing and teaching flying yoga, and hooping for over 10 years.  Beginning 5 years ago she developed a love for aerials and now studies and teaches silks with the OmFly team.  She has a degree in Environmental Engineering and loves to share her passion for nutrition and the environment with those who wish to learn.


omfly_photos_daniDani Bobbi Lee is a free spirit, circus lover with a passion for total awesomeness! YEAH!  She started hooping 6 years ago when a good friend let her borrow a hoop during a party and she fell in love completely.  She continued to learn new tricks by experiencing, observing and her all-time favorite way to learn a new trick: accidental miracles. With the hoop community now growing at a rapid pace, Dani is so grateful to share and learn with others that have the same passion, especially with the tiny humans (kids!). During her hoop career she became a massage therapist, discovered the magic truth of yoga, and found a community of circus folk to play with at OM-FLY.  She grew with this special community to discover new things about herself and the Universe we all share.   All these brilliant gifts have transformed her abstraction of the human body and she started to see the true beauty of how precious this vehicle is that we all drive in this wondrous place.  Dani continues to be in awe of all the wonders the world has to offer and all the play that there is to be had, especially with each other!  Her philosophy is celebration of collaboration; the more the merrier, the higher the vibrations, the bigger the love. She aspires to continue to move with freedom and high spirits and to inspire and continue to be inspired.


 Maia Rose has been spinning up spirals and gathering momentum for the northeastern hoop dance community since 2009, omfly_photos_maiawhen she left a cozy job to pursue a creativity fueled life. Through her hoop journey she was introduced to the greater circus arts community, specifically collaborating with the OmFly Collective in CT under the direction of Jen Taylor. Maia has recently expanded her offerings to include creating space within the CircusYoga container of playful human connection, and has taken off around the US (and beyond) exploring the many facets of the human experience and connection to spirit through ritual, play practice, and ecstatic embodiment. You might see her spinning fire and crazy LED hoops, balancing humans on her feet, twisting herself into knots, singing silly songs, or hanging upside down in various fashions. Follow her nomadic musings on Instagram and Tumblr @maiaroseblossom, or find her on the book.


omfly_photos_mariMari Nazzaro is a joyful and curious journeyer of life. She lives to explore all corners of the mind and universe through improvisation, dream travel, and connecting with other humans and beings.
Mari serves her community as an Infant/Toddler Montessori Lead Teacher and Parent Educator at the Children’s Tree Montessori School in Old Saybrook. Through this work, Mari empowers children to become their authentic selves through individualized peace education. As a circus performer/educator, Mari specializes in hoop dance and the facilitation of creative improvisational flow. Her current focuses include double hoop manipulation and the spiritual benefits of flow practice.


christanomflyChristiaan Cokas, an athlete by nature, has a passion for utilizing the gifts of the body.  Whether its flying yoga, human pyramids, juggling or other forms of object manipulation, he is always ready to play.  He has been engaging in various forms of flying, partner and acrobatic yoga for 6 years.


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