Intro into Mycology

In this class we will discuss the different areas of study in the field. (Microscopy, Taxonomy, Ethnomycology, Wild Mushrooming, Cultivation, Bioremediation, Medicinals , and Culinary application)We will cover the timescale of presence of fungi, the life cycle and evolution of, and many possibilities with enriching your current life through integration with mushrooms. Did you know that mushrooms will make your fruits and veggies in your garden way bigger and healthier?  We will cover a dozen or so easy to grow species  as well as cultivation Q and A. As always Michael is open to questions throughout at points so as to keep things slightly organic and to give the lecture the best substrate to take hold in…an engaged mind. No question is a silly question, we only know what we’ve been told so far right?

Wild Fungi and Food Foray.

Walk the woods and explore its residents in a “Silent Hunt” as we seek out and catalog the mushrooms of the land while noting other wild foods we may encounter on our journey. Participation in the Introduction to Fungi Workshop the day before is recommended as it will help build a foundation to streamline our adventure.

Michael Weese

Michael is a man that helps you see how much you can help yourself, through fungal affairs. He is the founder of a small business called Mushroomlife, the creator of Maryland Mushrooms and Mycology forum, and a community leader and sculptor in his town. Michael is an accomplished “Shroomraider” and is taking the fungal world by storm. He has been immersed in the mushroom and foraging scene full time for several years now and is one of the (D.C./ Baltimore?) area’s foremost experts on mushrooms both wild and domestic, with knowledge branching into every aspect of mycology.

How will you feed yourself and or family in the event of system collapse or zombie apocalypse? How does one get a gourmet salad just by going for a walk in the forest? For many years Michael has studied edible, medicinal, and entheogenic plants, fungi, and animals as well as the sciences, from a cosmic to subatomic scale to bring the utmost understanding of the natural world and how we (should) tie into it.

A firm believer in a fully integrated and healthy tribe, he has been a healer for many years through many different systems such as massage and bodywork, shamanic practices, martial arts and also formally studied Dharma and meditation for over a decade.

Michael works for conservation on a local, state and international level in his “free time”, by giving walks, presentations, workshops, and forays for the public to attend. His other personal pursuits of photography, rock climbing, hiking whitewater, slacklining, fire play, yoga and acro, gardening, fire circles, making and seeking out the intelligent and creative souls of the world, all have become part of a holistic way of being in this world. He is an ardent believer that through integration of  Permaculture, Myco-remediation, compassion and wisdom we can all successfully and peacefully  “walk each other home”.



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