Martin Bridge is an artist, educator, avid mycologist and Permaculture designer living in the hills of western Mass. He has been developing a demonstration site and food forest at his homestead Glenduir since 2008. Martin has worked as an assistant teacher and presenter to the CoSM Permaculture Design course working alongside his mentor Delvin Solkinson and currently working towards a diploma through the Permaculture Research Institute.

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Permaculture Primer – with Martin Bridge

In looking at the myriad of problems we as a society and world at large it is easy to feel overwhelmed, disempowered and unsure of what actions to take to help create a healthy and sustainable world. In this workshop we will look at the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture Design and how they can help provide a roadmap for effective actions that can have a profound beneficial effect for us as individuals, community and the environment as a whole.


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