Since 1993 Jon & Lisa have been studying West-African traditional rhythms with a number of teachers in the Boston Mass area, including Mohamed Kamara originally of Guinea W.Africa, Ibrahima Camara originally of Senegal West Africa, and Mamadou Diop also of Senegal West Africa.

Throughout this time, in coordination with diverse groups of drummers, dancers and musicians, they have performed in a variety of venues, both in live music and in spiritual circles. Their work is always participatory and invites all levels.

Jon & Lisa continue to play regularly for African Dance classes. In recent years they have created several music and dance events around the Boston area.

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Drumming Around The Fire

There are practical and magical aspects to drumming. As humans we struggle with the tools we are given and the limits of our daily existence. But the magic of the fire and the drum can release us from our earthly bonds and let us rise above our limits.

If we set ourselves on the path of music with an authentic desire to learn and grow, then we will be challenged and our hard work will be rewarded with moments of great intuition. These are gifts of spirit where we leap forward to a new place.

In this workshop we will learn some of the details of how our drums work and how to improve our playing. We will supply a framework and some concepts and ideas from which you can distill your own style and allow you the freedom to explore.

With these tools you can express yourself better and begin to communicate with other drummers and dancers more effectively around the fire.


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