Earth Gong Meditation Featuring Jeff Nickell of The Conduit Center

Thursday 4 pm

Friday 1 pm 

Immerse yourself in a soundscape of soothing harmonic frequencies. Jeff will take us on a journey into states of deep relaxation and effortless meditation. Allowing the awakening of subtle cellular vibrations that will echo through your entire being long after the last note fades to silence.

Friday 4 pm Intro to Sound Healing w/Singing Bowls

Featuring Jeff Nickell of The Conduit Center

Tap into your infinite healing potential with the use of ancient singing bowls.

Learn how to mindfully connect with these mysterious instruments and how this can be applied to other aspects of our lives. Explore the practical means and methods of skillful playing, discover how to apply the resonant sounds to invite deep states of meditation and automatic relaxation for healing body and mind. In our unified state of vibrational bliss we can reflect our true nature, fully acknowledging and honoring the beauty in ourselves and one another.

Jeff Nickell

Jeff Nickell is a teaching practitioner of sound healing therapies with The Conduit Center since ‘09. He has extensive hands on experiential knowledge in working with sound, and has studied under many proclaimed master practitioners in sound therapy who use sound as integrative medicine for facilitating with healing and in hospital settings. He is a main co-creator and contributor of The Conduit, a traveling sound performance arts group whos aim is to raise awareness and share the transformative power of sound healing therapy throughout the world. The Conduit tours performing Gong meditation concerts and workshops at yoga studios, concert halls, colleges, and music and arts festivals as part of their mission to Gong The World.


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