The Unified Field Theory of scientist Nassim Haramein and Beyond…

Presented by Jamie Janover, lead emissary for Nassim Haramein & The Resonance Project.

Have you ever wondered about how the universe really works? How we fit in? Have you experienced the micro-macro dynamics of existence, or sensed it? Do you feel, or instinctually know that everything truly is “all one”? Or felt that science has been looking in the wrong direction? Focusing on exclusive material particles, rather than inclusive fundamental principles? Where is the cohesion in the chaos? Have you ever wondered what ancient societies may have known or experienced that we have either discarded or forgotten? And where did they learn it?

In this extraordinary presentation, Jamie Janover will answer all these questions and more by guiding you through Nassim Haramein’s lifelong exploration into the geometry of space-time, which has resulted in an exciting comprehensive Unification theory based on a new solution to Einstein’s Field Equations. This award-winning unified field theory offers scientific confirmation and brings together the many disciplines and teachings of spiritual masters throughout history in one elegant theory of an infinite fractal geometric universe.

Haramein’s series of scientific papers, including his latest award-winning paper “The Schwarzschild Proton” which describes the proton as a mini black hole, propose solutions to the long-sought quest for a unification of not only all of physics, but also that of cosmology, chemistry, biology, anthropology, geology, psychology and the evolution of consciousness thereby revolutionizing our current understanding of our place in the universe.

This groundbreaking theory, which incorporates torque, coriolis effects and the nonlinear mathematics of fractal systems, has been delivered to the scientific community through peer-reviewed papers and presentations at international physics conferences.  The concepts are presented in layman terminology, so you don’t need a science background to understand this amazing set of information.

Haramein’s research into not only every field of science but also an attunement to the knowledge of ancient civilizations from around the world has led to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure of the universe, an in-depth change in our current perception of physics and consciousness creating an exciting unified tapestry of space-time which may prove to be one of the most important scientific, philosophical and technological discoveries of our time.

Nassim Haramein is the Director of Research at The Resonance Project, a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to the exploration of unification principles and their implications in our world today. The foundation is actively developing a research park where science, sustainability, green technology and permaculture come together.

Jamie Janover has been trained by Nassim personally to present his Unified Field Theory as one of his official “emissaries”, having presented the theory over 100 times in the past 3 years alone. Be prepared for a fascinating journey packed with fundamental information and stunning images.

Below are links to Nassim Haramein’s websites and related media.  Come experience a set of information that has the ability to really be life-changing when you land that YOU actually ARE an infinite being… and how you connect to everything… literally.

• Nassim’s non-profit foundation’s website, The Resonance Project:

• The Trailer to the 4 DVD set “Crossing The Event Horizon”:

• An overview of Haramein’s theories: “The Power of Spin”


Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator. His considerable creative output includes: being a master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing and performing on an instrument he calls the “mini-kit” (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (fire drums) and creating the RealmsMobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to pedal, steer and play drums simultaneously).

By combining recent innovations in modern technology with the wisdom of ancient instruments, Janover achieves a balance between the electronic and the acoustic to create a unified field: music reflective of the nature of modern times.

Touring since Jan. 2012 with vocalist, lyricist and keyboardist reSunator, Janover has maintained a rigorous international touring schedule with several acts including: PRAANG (w/ EOTO & guitarist Steve Kimock) & ZILLA (w/ Michael Travis from SCI and VibeSquaD). Jamie is also a veteran of hundreds of collaborations and guest appearances, having performed on stage with artists including Phish, Bela Fleck, The String Cheese Incident, G. Love & Special Sauce, Umphrey’s McGee, Keller Williams, Beats Antique, Stanley Jordan and many others.     In the past 2 years alone Janover has performed at over 50 festivals in countries as diverse as Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, Canada & the Janover’s unique live rig includes hammered dulcimer, laptop computer, mini-kit, sampler, sitar, electric kalimba, midi controllers and percussion.

When not playing music, you can find Janover connecting dots around the world in his extensive travels and collaborations in multiple creative realms including creating stunning images as a professional photographer and making sculpture works using natural found objects. Janover’s life-long interest in the true nature of reality and the universe brought him to become an official emissary for scientist Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Project, delivering fascinating presentations on the physics of unified field theory. Jamie Janover also produces music events including an annual electronic music festival in Colorado called SONIC BLOOM.











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