Yoga for Self Love

You are the beloved… Magnetize your home frequency by nourishing your body temple… By honoring your mind, heart and body… When you maintain your magnetic field in what it is that you choose to experience (bliss, love, joy, ecstasy…your highest vibe…) if this is your intention then all that is a match to that vibration will be attracted to you…. . . In this workshop we will be… LETTING GO OF OUR MINDS… TO DROP INTO our BODIES…. It is here where we find our magnetism and wisdom within… Nourish your self to flourish yourself… Bring your Yoga mats, comfortable clothes to move and groove in, an open heart and a curious mind… We will move through fluid embodied yoga flow, meditation, ecstatic dance, and you will learn how to touch, massage and caress your body like your own lover :-p

Jaclynn Moon

Jaclynn Moon calls herself a Soul Doula, a midwife who assists the birthing of your full, authentic soul self. She teaches you how to balance and awaken your Masculine + Feminine essence, to embody your truth + confidence, to enliven your voice…and learn to LOVE yourself… She really just wants you to remember that YOU are the love in which you seek!


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