Mayer Kirkpatrick is a licensed acupuncturist since 1991, Developer of Guided Energy Medicine, Founder of Forest Medicines Sanctuary, Inc.- a 501(c)3 spiritual based non-profit and retreat center in Western Mass and a Father of 4.

Mayer has worked with over 22,000 thousand individuals and, through this learning, has developed unique and effective ways to access and work with the root cause of ailments.

This is a participatory workshop. Your willingness to be open and curious will allow you to learn significant directives for your healing process.

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Is Intention for Healing Enough?

Energy follows our focus. Focusing on our problem for healing is a dual path- ignoring it may not bring the necessary focus and focusing on the problem can make it more activated.

This workshop will demonstrate and allow for an inner experience when a healing intention is correct. We will also explore which layer of oneself- spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical) is the primary block to releasing the problem.

A communication with the conscious body, the part of ourselves that is aligned with our Highest Truth is the GEM path to healing. In this process of Guided Energy Medicine, we meet and develop the medicine that we carry. !


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