Divine Androgyne Workshop

Hollis Taylor (they/them/their), Author of “Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People” offers a workshop for everyone that is focused on gender non-conforming people as well as allies that want to learn how to support non-binary people in our world today. The first part to this workshop will answer questions, discuss how to manage topics like pronouns, handling gender fluidity and discussion on how we honor our gender bend instead of the shame we often see or see projected. Hollis Taylor offers deep education for curious people as well as guidance, support, and inspiration for gender variant people looking to step forward with their authenticity. Hollis holds a deep message that each and every one of us is meant to walk a path of authenticity that only we can define for ourselves, and in that, Androgynes will push humans into the next evolutionary step. The second half of this playshop will be a deep alchemical working from our deepest shadows about gender, sexuality and personal expressions that will then transform through a calcification process and then finally we will  commit to our most authentic selves, committing not only to ourselves, each other, the community at large and also those ancestors that have come before. In our commitment, we know that we are peaceful GENDER BENDING warriors with a purpose and significance in the world. Androgynes step forward for the greatest good of ALL!

Ancestors Meditation

Hollis Taylor (they/them/their), a 20year professional medium and exorcist offers a deep guided meditation for ANYONE wanting to deepen their connection to their blood ancestors, energetic ancestors and sacred path ancestors. This offering is intended for people curious about mediumship, ghosts, spirits, and other ancestral work. This meditation will unlock the door to your direct communication line to your spirit guides, ancestors and other spirits on other realms that are holding messages for you. Many of us today miss or ignore messages from our ancestors even though most of them are intended to help us get on and stay on our path of divine intention. The end of this meditation, depending on how the ancestors lead this, will allow for Hollis Taylor to bring through any messages from the other side for those in attendance. If your looking for a direct line to the other side, here is your opportunity!


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