This class will be a healing blend of mantras in the form of kirtan, or call and response chanting, and the creation of art. We will begin with a brief introduction of the history of kirtan and why mantras are such powerful tools. We will also discuss how art and creativity are powerful healing tools and how mantras can help us tap into our creativity. We will start with a session of some call and response chanting to get grounded and settle into the class. I will lead the chants accompanied by my harmonium. Then we will proceed to draw. I will suggest students to choose a mantra to focus on, to mentally repeat or quietly sing, as they draw to get into a flow state. The repetition of the mantra while creating will help with artist’s block and allow students to intuitively create. This process can also facilitate healing if a student chooses a mantra with a specific intention behind it; then their art will be infused with this healing intention. My goal is that students will leave the class with useful tools to help de-stress and enter the creative flow that they can use in their own lives.

Hilary has been leading kirtan for three years and has been immersed in the practice for 10 years. The daily practice of kirtan has allowed her to experience more peace and happiness in every moment. She has been singing for her entire life and loves to share this heart opening practice with others. She has also been painting for over 15 years. The practice of chanting mantras has deepened her spiritual relationship with creating art. Although she primarily considers herself a painter, she is joyed to share her practice of kirtan with others.



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Unifier Festival is a Healing and Expressive Arts Festival, A Sacred World Music Festival, and a Beach Party. Immerse Yourself in Nature on 417 community owned acres in the foothills of the Berkshires

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