Grandma Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M Ed Coun is bloodline shamanka with epigenetics from Mongolia, Tuva, Siberia and northern Finland. Traveling for 15 years, Kaariina is an energetic adept, a strong and fierce light for truth and a discipline healer for humanity. Her passion is for nonviolence and purpose: to end the lies of separation from source. She longs for family reunions and lives the Way of Council, knowing that partnerships can be alchemized and traumas no longer serve as a basis for conversations.

Sacred Wheels for Community Building Saturday with Grandmother.

Saturday 1 pm Panel discussion main field


Cheryl Sprague:
Cheryl is a Priestess keeper of The Red Tent of her community, teacher of Tarot and owner of Crystal Clear Intentions in Poughkeepsie, New York. The focus of her circles is to create a safe, nurturing, loving, supportive community for women to gather speaking their truth without judgment while learning to look upon each other as Sisters once more. Cheryl brings women together to call upon and remember the ancient wisdom flowing in their veins, empowering them to heal themselves while honoring that we are all seekers, teachers and healers. Her teachings, Tarot Soul Speak: Tarot for Your Soul is one of her greatest passions at this time. The foundation of her class is teaching students to tap into and trust their intuition while encouraging them to step beyond the comfort zone of the known. Her students leave learning so much more than Tarot. They delve into themselves leaving empowered ready to embark on the journey of themselves. Crystal Clear Intentions is Cheryl’s world of art. While using her gifts and trained modalities she creates Dream Catchers for the purpose of bringing a sense of calm, joy, peace, love, and healing to each person that receives them. Her work has reached as far as Israel and Australia. Each piece is unique; not only in design, but in the Spiritual guidance she receives for the creation.
Cheryl has studied many spiritual practices and healing modalities which include; Reiki, Feather Magick, Tarot, and Violet Alchemy ®. Her personal roots of spiritual practice are that of the Goddess and the Earth. She is a Seer and Diviner blending a combination of the Tarot, pendulum, automatic writing, feathers, channeling and her intuitive connection to nature.

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Blood Moon Sanctuary

BLOOD MOON SANCTUARY facilitated by Cheryl
Fri: 10am – 2pm; 6pm – 11pm
Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun:10am – 4pm
We are providing a space for women in their moon time. This is a sacred place to gather while being gently and lovingly supported in rest and rejuvenation. Allow yourselves to be held by the compassionate, gentle strength of our Sisters. We will laugh, cry, share, be still, sing, be nurtured, and nurture while allowing our vulnerability to be our strength. We gather to holy love and honor ourselves, our bodies, and our ancestors who have bled before us and into us. As we nurture ourselves may we nurture the Great Mother and rise as the empowered, mature, playful, compassionate warriors she has been calling upon to heal ourselves.

HEALING OF MOTHERLINE BLOOD MOON CEREMONY facilitated by Grandmother Kaariina – please list as ceremony
Saturday 11am – 12:30pm at Blood Moon Sanctuary
We call to you our Sisters in Moon time! We gather to heal our maternal lineage through our womb wisdom. We will offer this sacred wisdom to the roots of the Mother Tree. Feeding our beloved Pachamama while releasing any shame, guilt, anger and fear we carry as women. As we offer ourselves to the land and all our relations we will remember and celebrate the beauty, power and wonderment of our cycles. We envision our wisdom like rain nurturing the sacred web of the land we gather upon, reigniting the foundation of compassion, strength and wisdom from the beating womb heart of all women.
Sisters, please bring herbs or tobacco to place in hole, prayers and a song if you desire.
Dedicated for seven generations.


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