Kundalini Yoga for Empowerment and Vitality

“And when she owns her true energy, the earth itself with breathe a long, deep sigh…of relief.”

Recharge and elevate your vibration to attract and live your best life. Emotional blocks and habitual stories can loop in our subconscious mind keeping us stuck repeating the same life cycles. Take back your power! Kundalini yoga brings a heightened sense of self-awareness that helps to break the running loop of defeating thoughts to stabilize inner mind chatter. Feel a shift in as little as three minutes and start to move through life with vitality and grace. This set is for all levels with a focus on the breath, inner energy direction, sound and movement to balance the mind/body/spirit system. This sacred technology is designed to strengthen and soothe the nervous system for you to relax, become centered and allow yourself access to the limitless flow of energy to live a life in total alignment with your heart.


EmmanniMartine continues to learn past her 1000 hrs of kundalini yoga teacher training. She travels sharing this practice and guiding women through the process of being centered and self-empowered from within. Contact her at BreathingSpiritKundalini@gmail.com for a free consultation or follow at FB:@breathingSKY1 // Insta: @breathing_sky


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