Saturday 1pm Didge Project Meditation

Featuring Jerry Walsh & A.J. Block of The Didge Project

Vipassana style meditation to develop deep body-awareness & acknowledge the impermanence of sensation in any situation. This sound bath utilizes didgeridoo, flutes, Native American drums, chimes, and singing bowls. Now meets zen to create an atmosphere of contemplation & inner peace, let the sounds envelop you in the present moment. The deep tones of didge drone is known to lower brainwaves into theta range.

Saturday 4pm Intro to Didgeridoo

Featuring Jerry Walsh & A.J. Block of The Didge Project

Learn the basic elements of didge playing. We will cover the drone, animal sounds, harmonic overtones, circular breathing, and simple beatbox rhythms. Practicing the didgeridoo is a meditation a form of pranayama, and just a few minutes of playing is a powerful ecstatic experience. The intuitive nature of the didge makes it accessible to everyone.

A.J. Block

DIDGE PROJECT is a New York City based organization working to promote the didgeridoo for health and wellness. The aboriginal Australian didgeridoo, a traditional wind instrument used for ritual and ceremony, has a unique sound that has been adopted into many contexts including world music, meditation, and healthy living. Additionally, playing the didgeridoo has been shown to have many therapeutic benfits. Didge Project presents didgeridoo performance and workshops at schools, businesses, festivals, wellness centers with goal of raising consciousness and spreading alternative healing techniques.


Jerry Walsh BioJerryWalsh1

Jerry Walsh is a member of the Golden Drum community contributing to the sacred arts through music and sculpture. He is a member of Didge Project working to help promote the didgeridoo as an instrument of immense musical, spiritual, and healing potential. He works alongside sculpture artist Kate Raudenbush, creating large scale allegorical sculpture that have been been featured at Burning Man and installed internationally in the Netherlands and Chile. Jerry spent a year studying Buddhism and Himalayan shamanism in India, Nepal, and Bhutan in 2010-11 and his travels have taken him more recently through South America, the Middle East, and Europe in the past year


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