Stillness in Motion
Yoga and Movement Meditation Workshop

Movement is a continuum of still moments through time. Postural yoga is an interesting way to sensitize to each moment in the movement while also recognizing the whole continuum held in each moment. In this workshop we will consciously experiment with how much to lean in or away in every direction ~ right and left, front and back, in and around, leverage and lifting, expansion and compression, inhale and exhale, self and “other”, part and whole ~ to develop the capacity to find the place of stillness where all the extremes come into balance, for a moment. Then when the variables change, adjusting to re-find balance in the new position. As the sensation of the still point of balance becomes more familiar it becomes easier to access spontaneously, continually re-finding balance as each moment flows into movement. Combined with breathwork and meditation techniques that focus our attention and cultivate an awareness with the body that is able to process circumstance beyond just the thinking of the intellectual mind, this practice can help us reorganize the way we relate to challenge, so that we can face the situations in front of us with more clarity and equanimity as we explore finding balance in each still moment in the movement of all aspects of our lives.

Accompanied by Brian Wolverton on surbahar/bass sitar.

Denise Porter Kemp helps make yoga practice accessible to the uniqueness of every body while expressing the deeper teachings of yoga through the experiential practice of the physical form. Based in the forests of New Hampshire, she brings her traveling yoga school ~ Turiya Yoga ~ to private homes, offices at lunchtime, ski mountains, addiction recovery centers, yoga studios and music festivals all along the east coast. Certified at the 500 hour level in the Shakti Flow Vinyasa style of yoga by Asa Dustin of At OM Yoga, Level 1 in Thai Yoga by Shai Plonski of Still Light Center and initiated into the Kaula lineage of Kashmir Shaivism by Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati, Denise has studied with many teachers and learns from everyone who comes her way. She has been teaching yoga since 2005 and offering Thai Yoga since 2011.

~ body geometry, aware consciousness ~

Brian Wolverton, of Manchester, Connecticut, has been a performing artist for the last three years, with frequent performances at Alex Gray’s CoSM as well as Ziontific, Fractal Fest, Great North, and Unifier events, among others. His instrument, the surbahar, is similar to the sitar and is used for an older, more meditative style of Indian classical music known as Dhrupad, which focuses on mantra and subtle modulations in the notes that facilitate mindful breathing and centering in meditation.


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