Deep Core Yoga

Where do we move from? Is it a place of deep support or one constantly trying to prevent our body from going off balance? Is it a place of action or reaction? The body has deeply placed muscles of integration that guide movement before it has even begun. In this class I plan to explore the deep support structures of diaphragm, pelvis, hips, and shoulders. To “turn on” these structures allows the body to feel deeply grounded and supported. Centering physically in this way can help develop the capacity for both spontaneous and intentional movement that is rooted from the deep core.

Courtney Germano

Courtney has been curious about movement exploration and training the body as an artistic expression for many years.  Dancing has been the place where she feels most at home. She now realizes that all aspects of strength, flexibility, surrender, balance, and kinesthetic awareness are part of the qualities that allow her to move as she wills, and follow where the spirit guides.  She is a practicing doctor of physical therapy and has been guiding yoga classes for over 20 years.


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