Peak experiences of growth, expansion, and self discovery can only be fully integrated into new patterns of being and relating when balanced with restful moments of reflection and connection. Join this heart-centered practice of deep listening to self and others as we explore what in-the-moment feelings and experiences are arising to be made conscious, compassionately witnessed in community and, ultimately, integrated into our daily lives. The container will be held in the tradition of The Way of Council.

Council is an ancient way and modern practice whose roots are within the natural world, spanning diverse cultures and religions. This practice elicits an experience of true community, recognizing that each voice needs to be heard, that every person has a gift, a story to share, a piece of the whole. How do we remember all our relations, embrace differences, and find our own voices, while opening to others? It seems more than ever an essential time in our nation and around the world, to awaken this deep relational heart-mind.” Jack and Gigi Coyle – Founders of The Way of Council



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Unifier Festival is a Healing and Expressive Arts Festival, A Sacred World Music Festival, and a Beach Party. Immerse Yourself in Nature on 417 community owned acres in the foothills of the Berkshires

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