Maria Bartolotta

“Waist-Free” Hoop Workshop

“Waist-Free” Hoop Workshop with Space Dolphin! (All Levels, All Ages). Don’t let difficulty with “regular” ol’ hula hooping on your waist hold you back from learning how to flow out! All of the moves we’re going to explore do not require the ability to waist hoop. Great for beginners, still fun for more advanced hoopers! Space Dolphin loves teaching flow arts to people at any point in their movement/flow arts journey. In all-level workshops it’s all about facing self-doubt, learning new things, and most of all: having fun!! Various extra hoops provided. Please bring your own hoops if you have them.

Maria Bartolotta

Maria Bartolotta (a.k.a. Space Dolphin) is a galactic aquanaut and flow artist who specializes in hooping. She also spins dragon staff, triangles that she named “goops,” and more! Fire spinning is one of her favorite ways to flow, and she performs at Burning Man with the Boston fire conclave Incineration Congregation. She has performed at festivals like Psychedelic Sleepover, Unifier, Disc Jam, and Great North, and loves lighting up Boston bass music shows with her LED hoop. She strives to make her flow creative, powerful, weird, and sometimes even creepy. Space Dolphin loves teaching flow arts to people at any point in their movement/flow arts journey. In all-level workshops it’s all about facing self-doubt, learning new things, and most of all: having fun!!

Aaron Brando

Contact Improvisation: Flight of the Dancer

In this class we will embody concepts of proper alignment and practice our perception of tone and release. We will discover how these skills open the ease in our lifting and lightness in our flying. This class is super fun and will offer practical skills to enjoy in your dancing body!

Saturday, 10am-12:00pm, Art Gallery Stage

AARON BRANDO M.Ed has taught workshops and intensives throughout North America as well as internationally. He is honored to have share the stage with Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, and Angie Hauser among others. In 2016 Brando together with dancers, Shura Baryshnikov, Paul Singh, Bradley Teal Ellis, and Sarah Konner founded a Contact Improvisation Research and Performance ensemble called SetGO. The group has performed at the Moving Arts Lab (Earthdance, MA), the RISD Museum Open Rehearsals, for the Institute for the Study of Environment and the Society at Brown University, Providence Fringe Festival, and the Everybody Moves Festival at the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA. His fascination with the moving body, inspired him to complement his dance training with more anatomical specificity. In 2014, he completed the year-long training in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration with renowned anatomist, Tom Myers. Brando is a certified Structural Integration practitioner with practices in Northampton and Boston.

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Sunshine Rain

Flow FUNdamentals

Poi is a challenging yet easy going poi class that is sure to inspire a strong, solid foundation to flow from. While encouraging you to step outside of the circle and try new tricks. We’ll explore same time/split time spinning, the various planes and practice stalls, windmills and butterflies. May incorporate more intermediate moves according to skill level of attendees.

Marty Dagoberto

Growing worms for greener greens, living soil and healthy climate

Sunday, 11:30am-1pm, EarthWays, Bending Tree

Make a worm bin: microbial alchemy in a bucket! Partner with red wrigglers to turn organic waste into a potent fertilizer and bio-inoculant. Learn how to keep your worms happy, and maybe walk away from this hands-on workshop with your own bin that we make as a group.
Marty Dagoberto

Marty Dagoberto serves as an organizer, activist and lobbyist working toward food sovereignty, climate action and regenerative (agri)culture. He is the policy director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (Mass. chapter) and cares for land next to the Pukcommeagon [Green] River in Western Mass.

Martin Bridge

The Art of Community (re)Design

Saturday, 1-2:30p, EarthWays, Bending Tree

While the starting point of Permaculture Design is a revision of our cultures current agricultural systems it’s ultimate goal cannot be achieved without a broader cultural paradigm shift. We will begin this workshop with an exploration of the elements of community design we would need to consider if we were to design a new utopia and compare our ideal manifestations of those forms to those that are currently in place. We will then explore actions we can take to begin to close the divide between those two models.

Martin Bridge

Martin is proudly carrying his family tradition forth as he lives, creates and teaches in the hills of Western Massachusetts. His work spans a wide range of media from Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Theater Design and Site Specific Installations to Performance. His Spiritual Path as an Animist first and foremost influences his art. His work celebrates the sacredness inherent in nature, the consciousness in all things and power of place and seeks to challenge the cultural paradigms that dictate the way we relate to both the natural world and our brother and sisters. He strives to create work that improves his own awareness of how he relates to the natural world and invites viewers to contemplate how to live in better balance with the world around us. Through his work he hopes to inspire and cultivate a greater sense of mystery and possibility in our experience of the world.

Aaron Cantor

PrimalPractice – Playfighting

Sunday, 8-9:15a, Yoga Beach

In this rough and tumble workshop Aaron will guide you through an intense, exhilarating and deeply therapeutic experience. Playfighting is fun, but it’s more than that! It’s a perfect place to develop physical and emotional intelligence simultaneously. Hidden layers of self are uncovered and honored through the beautifully simple process. The workshop will include a life changing warm up, storytelling, lots of playfighting games, dialogue, and a meditative integration.

Aaron Cantor

Perhaps it was fear of death. Maybe it was love of life. Probably a bit of both. Whatever it was, over 20 years ago Aaron Cantor began traveling the world attempting to become immortal. He has studied ancient yogic teachings, modern cage fighting techniques and everything in between. Bringing it all together, his work is a heartwarming, wild foraged, mythopoetic stew. When he isn’t researching physical intelligence or leading workshops he helps the elderly and people recovering from serious injuries learn to walk again.

Kathleen Pizzello

Kathleen Pizzello

Vinyasa Yoga

Saturday, 10:30a-12p, Yoga Beach

An evolving journey through mindful movement and stillness that is aimed to guide you towards freedom in the body, mind, and spirit. Practice with inspiration. Salute the Summer Solstice Sun! This class is crafted with a delicious blend of meditation, dynamic vinyasa, visualization and cultivation of a fearless heart. All levels welcome.
Kathleen Pizzello

It was love at first Uttanasana.  After my first yoga class I knew the practice would transform my life forever.  Without a doubt, yoga has set my heart on fire and it is this passion that I wish to share with the world.

I began my journey of yoga teacher training in 2010 on the mystical Lago Atitlan in Guatemala focusing on Vinyasa, Sadhana, and Shamanic studies.  Soon after that I discovered Anusara and completed another 300 hours of training in alignment based vinyasa yoga.  I finished my advanced 300 hour teacher training with Sianna Sherman and Rasa Yoga, a “bhakti fusion of asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation, chanting, ritual and earth prayer.”  My teaching and learning are alive and ever evolving and I hope that my love for the practice inspires others to live their own lives in joy and authenticity.

I am a certified Level 2 AcroYoga teacher, blending the tradition of yoga with the playful practice of acrobatics and the therapeutics of Thai Massage.  I have studied in depth with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner as an assistant for their 13 moon mystery school in the priestess tradition—a journey of deep inner work, personal growth, and ancient wisdom. I am a Thai Yoga Massage and Usui Reiki 2 Practitioner.  My intention is to weave all of these teachings into my life and my offerings. My classes offer healing alignment, depth yet lightheartedness, and cultivation of a fearless heart.  My goal is to guide students to a place of freedom in their bodies, minds, and hearts.  It is with immense gratitude that I share this most transformational practice.

Om Namah Shivaya

Kristina Klimek

The Yoga of Earth Stewardship 

Saturday, 12-1:30pm, Yoga Beach

The Yoga of Earth Stewardship is an exploration of personal and planetary healing. Together, we will explore through discussion and practice, what it means to live Yoga and serve Mother Earth! Participants will experience yoga – union – with Mother Earth through gentle movement, breathwork, chanting, and meditation. This workshop will introduce participants to the philosophies of both Yoga and Permaculture, and offer perspective on the significance of nature-reconnection.

Kristina Klimek

Kristina Klimek is a Yoga Therapist and Spiritual Ecologist. She helps people to heal their lives, nurture their relationships, and connect to Mother Earth through Yoga. Interestingly, her background in Environmental Science inspired her career as a Yoga Therapist, as she discovered a central but rarely addressed aspect of our society’s declining health and our planet’s ecological crisis is our disconnection from our innermost selves. Kristina merges her knowledge and wisdom in Yoga with her heart-felt desire to serve Mother Earth to guides others in remembering the sacred within oneself and the sacredness of nature. Additionally, Kristina draws upon the schools of Permaculture, Ayurveda and Eco-psychology to support the changing of our perceptions of nature as something outside of ourselves, so that we can experience our true nature within ourselves. She is inspired by Native Wisdom.


Bright Hawk (they or she)

Handpan Storytelling Experience 

Bright Hawk offers the handpan instrument in a completely unique experience that captivates anyone looking for uplifting vibes. Offering inspirational TRAVEL stories that encourage things like world peace, love, and laughter combined with handpan music like you have never heard before. Bright Hawk’s animated storytelling techniques combined with her unique methods of playing the handpan captivate and uplift the audience and leave us all with inspiration and love in our hearts.


Tribal Roots/Future Respect

Composting Appropriation into Empower-meant™

Description “Evolution is just a bunch of innovations having a radical rave in our subculture’s basement warehouse.” ~ JWow

For a moment, will you please consider this with me:

If behaviour that’s rewarded, PERSISTS…
Behaviour that’s cherished, INNOVATES…
And behaviour that’s celebrated, EVOLVES…

Then rewarding positive personal behaviours is a way to cherish local innovations into celebrating a global culture’s evolution… When you join me in my onsite LALP (Live Action Life Play) — here at Unifier 2019 — we’ll discover some of the behavioural tribal roots that best nourish our individual, tribe-sourced wings. I have 3 SageMage tools to share with you for our journey:

● Respect nourishes the roots of our personal and cultural self-worth.
● When you want to soar, the best thermals are in hell.
● United: we shall stand. Divisive: we shall fall.

These are a few of the tools we’ll explore in order to uplevel our influence in the world. As Medicine People, we generate realities with our expressions of selves. It’s why so many of us attend sacred fires with hopes to learn fresh ways of offering ancient truths. We’ll set you up to customize YOUR way of celebrating distinctions that make a huge difference. This is just ONE way to build a better world… and it happens to be a fun one! I hope to evolve it with you on this sacred land.

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