Senagales Dance

Lamine Touré is widely recognized as one of Senegal’s leading percussionists. Born into a griot family of sabar drummers and dancers, Lamine Touré has been drumming since the age of four, performing with his family troupe at weddings, baptisms, and dance events. He is currently artist-in-residence at MIT where he leads the MIT Senegalese drum ensemble Rambax, and also teaches sabar drum and dance classes in the Boston area. For more information, visit


Aaron Brando

AARON BRANDO holds a Masters Degree in Education and loves the art of crafting pedagogy in a non-codified system such as Contact Improvisation. Brando teaches and performs CI internationally. He has been instrumental in creating the event, CI Ground Research, which encourages the ongoing research of Contact Improvisation by dancers from around the world. Brando’s YouTube page has over a half million views and can be viewed via his website

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Contact Improvisation: Flow and Momentum

There is a particular world we can inhabit together that comes from teasing out, indulging in, and encouraging each other’s momentum and centrifugal force. Using skill building, open play, and collaborative investigation, we will explore how to live inside momentum and deeply connect in the exploration of contact.

Moti Zemelman

Moti Zemelman, MFA, began practicing Contact Improvisation 29 years ago. Over the past 22 years he has taught and performed across USA, Canada, Central America, Mexico, Europe and Israel. In 2008-09 he taught as Professor of Dance at the Instituto Naciónal de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Over the last 10 years in his desire to integrate communication and intimacy skills in his life and teaching he has studied Non-violent communication, Tantra, Butoh, BDSM and Byron Katie’s “The Work”. Moti has been both a teacher and a board member at Earthdance Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA where he currently co-organizes the Touch&Play Festival ( ). Additionally he is a featured dancer in Sanford Lewis’ recently released documentary film about CI “An Intimate Dance.” He also designs and moderates the international Contact Improv resource website

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Contact Improv Beginners Mind – 50 Ways to Enter the Dance

CI Beginners Mind – 50 Ways to Enter the Dance:
Seeing, feeling, sensing, surrendering, directing, imitating, collaborating, breathing, contrasting, pausing, connecting…Contact Improv isn’t just a dance, it’s a way of life! Become permeable to your own intuitions and impulses. Connect to your partner, connect to yourself, connect to presence. Every moment is an opportunity to enter the dance more deeply. Replace ambition with curiosity – Be a beginner… always

Stephen Katz

Cellist and award-winning composer Stephen Katz has performed his compositions at Carnegie Recital Hall and toured internationally as a soloist, and with the Paul Winter Consort, Rachael Sage, and the Essex String Quartet. He has been improvising at movement/contact jams since 1979. As an improviser and composer in the Dance world, he has collaborated and performed with Andrew Harwood (Montreal), Chris Aiken (Smith College), members of Pilobolus, Diego Cruz (Rio De Janeiro), and has been a Visiting Artist at Amherst College.

Stephen has been featured on American Public Media national broadcasts of Performance Today. He is a National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient through the SUNY/Buffalo Arts in Healthcare Initiative. As a film composer, his score for The Rich Have Their Own Photographers won the Jury Prize Gold Medal for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary at the Park City Film Music Festival. He also scored Two Square Miles, a film about Hudson, NY, which has been broadcast nationally on PBS/Independent Lens.

A native of San Francisco, Stephen received a Master of Music degree from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He and his his family live in Western Massachusetts.

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Saturday 10pm Dance Jam Set with Stephen Katz

Movers of every stripe will encounter new spheres of influence in Stephen’s improvised cello music. Bowing his instrument and strumming it like an upright guitar, he creates intricate, uplifting tapestries of sound, and with some electronic help, transforms himself into a one-man cello orchestra.

Indian Classical Dance – Dancers

Exploring Movements and Repertiore in Indian Classical Dance with reference to Odissi

Covering the movements used
Exploring spatial aligment of body, hand and feet
Exploring the different Rasa’s or emotions used in Dance
Introduction to the Repertoire of Odissi

Anindita, a danseuse par excellence is a rare combination of dancer, classical vocalist, choreographer, teacher, scientist & scholar. She is an accomplished artist of the Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra gharana of dancing and is a known name within the Odissi genre. She has a Masters in Indian (Odissi style) Classical Dance from Chandigarh University and Bachelors in Hindustani Classical Vocal from ABGMM, Mumbai, India. She has been learning, performing and teaching Odissi classical dance and Hindustani Vocal and light music, semi-classical, folk and contemporary dances for almost two decadesand in the USA, where she lives at present. Her dance has the excellent blend of sensuous movement, graceful stances and strong defined footwork with absolute control of the rhythm and space. The elaborate choreography’s, fluidity of her movements and intrinsic foot works are trademark of her performances and her creations. She has multiple productions under her belt and has presented Classical Arts not only at national but also at international level.

She is a recipient of several awards and titles like the “Nritya Shree”,”Nritya Visharad” and “Nritya Praveen” , National Scholarship from Ministry of Cultural Affairs, in India, Orissa Society of America’s and Jagannath Society distinguished artists award in the US. She has performed for several Sangeet Natak Academy sponsored events of Govt of India, Konark Festival, the SAARC Nations, the Festival of India in Argentina, Jaganaath Society America, OSA National Conventions, Festival of Arts, Reno, Nevada amongst others. She was the recipient of the “Human Greatness Award” presented by the Mayor of Danbury for her community outreach programs. She was nominated for the New England Women of the Year Award for her involvement and contribution to the South Asian Community in the New England area and the community at large.

She has been felicitated on numerous occasions at the Rotary Convention India and the US and also by Orissa Society of America’s. She has been a featured artist for the newspaper “News Times”, Danbury Edition, “Tribuna”, “Hartford Magazine”, Danbury Patch and many more. She has been invited as a Judge on the premier dance show on Sony TV called Boogie-Woogie Chalo USA. She has held numerous workshops, lecture demonstrations and charity shows for organizations like, HCC, WHO, City of Hartdford, IAGD(CT), Milan Group(Hartford, CT), P.S. We Care, Children’s First, OSA(USA), BJANA(NJ), AIA(NY), CAPI(CT), GOPIO(CT), IAWCT, TAWCT, TANA, ICDMS(North Carolina), Suny Purchase, West Conn, Norwalk Museum of Arts, Boston Museum of Arts (Boston), Arts Festical (Providence, RI), 100th Year Anniversary, Reno, Nevada to name a few. She is an active member of the Namaskar Foundation for Arts and also the Cultural Chair of the Indian Association of Greater Danbury. She was also featured as a prominent artist on the National Television (DD1) of India and also on the regional television of Odisha,

India. She represented USA in the opening of the Festival of India, Argentina. She toured Germany last year and performed in Stuttgart.

She is the founder and artistic director of her creative venture, Soortaal, School of Dance and Music located in Danbury CT. Soortaal offers training in the Odissi dance and Indian Classical Vocal.She is a visiting professor of Dance at a performing arts school in La Plata, Argerntina and as well has a school in Nevada, USA. Not only as a performer, teacher and practitioner of the ancient arts, she is an ardent promoter of the arts and has established Natyatarang Festival of Arts (NTFA) at Yale, an annual International Cultural Arts festival to promote the classical arts, which completed its 7th year anniversary in 2016. She is a scientist when she is not dancing.

She is the founder and director of her creative venture, Soortaal, which is a platform to teach and propagate Odissi Classical form of dance and Hindustani or North Indian Classical Vocal to aspiring artists. Through the years Anindita has been actively involved with the cultural scene in the US, trying to not only promote Indian dance and music, but also to preserve the traditional and non-traditional art forms from the South Asia, predominantly India. She has many fusion and contemporary dance productions to her credit. Collaborating with other forms be it Ballet, Flamenco, Modern Creative, Balinese dance or various other dance forms, she has constantly tried to explore and prove the universal language of dance and music, the joy of movements, rhythm and sound.

Anindita, successfully presented and inaugurated the first International Classical Arts Festival, Natya Tarang, in Danbury, CT in 2011 with visiting Classical Artists from India and around the world. This is one of the first of its kind in Danbury, where she lives and got lot of accolades from the community. This is an annual festival which will showcase such artists in the future, to popularize the classical arts. This festival is annual hosted at the Yale University, New Haven CT

Anindita also writes for premier internet magazines and contributes articles for the local newspapers in Danbury, on the subject of dance, music and culture and much more.

Anindita has offered numerous workshops and lecture demonstration in schools, universities and libraries to make Indian classical dance and music accessible at the grass-root level, in the USA trying and building stronger artists for the future. She has sucesssfully established a full time residency program with collaboration with the Marigold Movement Center, Reno, Nevada.


1996-1998 Dual Masters in Life Sciences (Gold medalist) and Dance Sambalpur University, Odisha, India Concentration: Microbiology and Molecular Biology (Life Sciences) Concentration: Odissi Classical Dance


Bachelors in Pure Sciences (Honors with Distinction) SB Women’s College, Odisha, India Concentration: Zoology and Botany Masters in Arts (Hindustani or Indian Classical Vocal)

Honors and Awards:

Dean’s List, Norwalk Community College, IT Department, 2002

Gold Medalist and University Top finalist, Masters in Life Sciences, 1998

Masters in Indian Classical Dance and Classical Vocal, 1996-1997

Honor Student, B.S, 1996

Fluent in 4 languages : Hindi, English, Oriya and Bengali

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Pia Louise Capaldi

Shamanic Journey Dance 

Focusing on internal exploration and external expression, attendees will learn to develop a new understanding of their individual creative energy and process. This experience will inspire its participants to explore their own energetic language through guided journey work, as well as carefully selected movement and dance exercises targeted to promote healthy energetic practices that will influence both in-studio and everyday life. In a supportive atmosphere, attendees will tactfully (and consciously) learn how to tap into their own abundant energy reservoir in order to create a harmonious, energetic and seamless presentation.-
Pia Louise Capaldi is a dedicated multimedia artist, performer and Shamanic Movement Practitioner who aims to nurture the many faces of self-expression. As a workshop facilitator, Pia incorporates a unique blend of dance technique and meditation that focuses on the importance of body awareness and stage presence, utilizing methods inspired by both her career as a professional dancer and her studies as a shamanic practitioner. Although she is primarily based out of New England, Pia has been a featured performer/teacher in transformational festivals and events throughout the United States.


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