Leaf Boat Theater – Ceremony

Leaf Boat Theater serves the human journey towards loving interdependence through ritual theater, music, puppets, goofiness, and direct actions for the sake of all beings. Artistic director and buddhist counselor Beth Fairservis is the progeny of Vaudeville and Anthropology. She has studied theater with Ricardo Puccetti, Meredith Monk, Rachel Rosenthal, and Double Edge Theater. Her puppets have danced on streets and in city halls through Western Mass for over 10 years. Musical director, composer, and cellist Stephen Katz brings a lifetime of collaboration with dance and theater to Leaf Boat. Their son Olin Katz has been surrounded by puppets since infancy. He is now stepping in as lyricist, singer, and youth perspective in all that the company creates. Joining the Fairservis-Katz family at Unifier is the strong voice of Thai Massage therapist and Water Protector Ashley Berry.

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The World We Love is in our Hands

Puppets and a passionate love for the earth come together in unique ritual theater experience. On Friday at 5pm Cellist Stephen Katz and Beth Fairservis will muse on the magical powers of multidimensional consciousness. On Saturday at 5pm Ashley Berry will join the troupe along with the community in a giant puppet parade leading to the Earth Temple for a transmutational theater experience where we will all get in touch with our inter-dependence!

“Waist-Free” Beginner Hoop Workshop (with Space Dolphin!) – Dancers


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“Waist-Free” Beginner Hoop Workshop (with Space Dolphin!)

In this workshop, we’ll learn a variety of hoop tricks for beginners. Don’t let difficulty with “regular” ol’ hula hooping on your waist hold you back from learning how to flow out! All of the moves we’re going to explore do not require the ability to waist hoop. Some extra hoops provided, bringing your own hoop(s) still encouraged.

Xander Nixon

Alexander “Xander” Nixon is a Master Hooper transplanted to Brooklyn, NYC from Tampa, FL back in 2000. He has been hooping for 14 years and is the vanguard of Double Hooping, with numerous “moves” that testify to his creative exploration.

Nixon teaches Group Hoop classes indoors and outdoors in NYC, and credits Stephan “Spins” Pildes for initiation him into the Hooping Art.

Xander’s workshops will focus on synchronizing your body’s motion to your hoop’s motion, sequencing moves for maximum BANG, and, of course, how to DAZZLE with DOUBLE HOOPING.

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Double Hooping by Xander™ Workshop

Reese “Stoop Kid” Crawley

Maurice (Reese) Crawley has been practicing circus and flow arts since January 2014. The passion and freedom found in the arts has taken him through many different forms of self-expression, but his love is for performance. From volunteering at the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) in Portland, Maine, to video shoots in Birmingham, AL, to fire performances for 80,000 attendees at Burning Man, every endeavor receives all of his time and dedication. Most recent achievements include SpinCo’s Social Engagement Chair, Bangarang shows, PEX performances, and festivals all around the country. Reese looks forward to bringing that same energy to you.

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Living on the Grid – with Double Staff

Level: Mixed
Prop: Two short props. Works best with stick but most props will work for this class.

I have been performing with double staff for about 2 years now and one of the most influential lessons I have learned so far was grid tracing. When a performer places themselves in the center of a 9 square grid, almost infinite combinations of techniques are unlocked for them. In this class, we will review timing/direction, isolations, anti-spins and hybrids each across the varying sides and levels of a grid.

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