Rainbow Energy Landia!

Marie Lautrec transforms into the sweet, curious & adventurous songster clown, Murry Eyeball. Murry finds comraderie amongst the little people (& big-little people for that matter) and introduces them to the world of Rainbow Energy through her magical rainbow hoop and the many wondrous knick-knacks she keeps in her Murry Poppins bag! Laughing, wiggling & silly songs are commonplace on the grand adventures of Murry Eyeball! In Rainbow Energy Landia, everyone is welcome to express their inner silliness to the fullest and to appreciate each and everyone’s Rainbow Energy fields with love and play.

Wiggle your way through the magical Rainbow Energy hoop into Rainbow Energy Landia & explore the magic of all things- backwards, forwards, upwards, inwards- in imagination we will share an adventure as we remind ourselves of the rainbow energy that lives in us all and oh what silly play it can incite!


Tuning True

 “Through the use of breathe, sound and movement, we will learn and explore growing from the inside out.”

” Groweesha is focused on fertilizing growth by using the cycles of our true nature. A therapist on Earth for over twenty years,

Groweesha is easy to talk to, warm, engaging and is always curious about the choices of others.

Life school is where we know and grow our authentic selves where relationships are the classroom. A dedicated teacher and student
of “Life School”, Groweesha mirrors everybody she meets in order to learn our truest selves. Groweesha’s experiences through marriage,
parenting, bartending, waitressing, working in hospitals, schools and rehabs and her own practice have brought her to a philosophy of what it is to be human.” ” Groweesha is focused on fertilizing growth by using the cycles of our true nature. A therapist on Earth for over twenty years, Groweesha is easy to talk to, warm, engaging and is always curious about the choices of others.

Life school is where we know and grow our authentic selves where relationships are the classroom. A dedicated teacher and student of “Life School”, Groweesha mirrors everybody she meets in order to learn our truest selves. Groweesha’s experiences through marriage, parenting, bartending, waitressing, working in hospitals, schools and rehabs and her own practice have brought her to a philosophy of what it is to be human.”



Storytelling that Inspires Consciousness & Community Storytime (Performance)

Community Storytime – Children of all ages, even the big ones, love this storyteller. Bright Hawk brings her original stories to the stage with her own handpan music. Simultaneously playing the handpan and telling the story she takes us on a journey. Sometimes a journey around the world with travel stories that include inspirational messages about bringing world peace. Stressing love and peace with original pieces of music that encourage audience participation. She is also well known as the ‘baby dancer’ since children seem to either dance or become mesmerized at her storytelling and when combined with the handpan Bright Hawk becomes positively irresistible. The original pieces of music carry the message of the story home to the heart of the child within all of us, including conscious parenting styles like “being ourselves” or “being good to nature”. Bright Hawk’s stories have inclusive characters with the intention to celebrate our human diversity. Joined by a live action character in costume to play out the stories for the children in interpretive dance. Leaving the audience feeling joyous, inspired, and happy – Bright Hawk’s performance is unique. A storyteller handpan player for the delight of all peoples.

Storytelling that Inspires Consciousness – (2 parts – afternoon/evening) This inspiring positive handpan storyteller, Bright Hawk, brings to us a storytelling intensive in safe space that opens the heart to vulnerability. An experience surely to bring laughter, tears, growth, and a deeper understanding for each other. In witnessing each other’s stories we grow deeper in compassionate understanding and get to share our own wisdom. Bright Hawk will guide us through an intensive with wisdom regarding timing and skills. It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend the afternoon workshop so that your story can be shared within the allotted time and guidelines, that evening. After reviewing some basic storytelling skills we will dive deep into a community share. This intensive will leave us all feeling more connected, loved, and naturally inspired to speak more consciously.

Community Storytime (Performance)

Bright Hawk is a multi-talented woman that loves to uplift the people around her. Her uplifting spirit, storytelling and music have entertained many audiences around the world for the past 20 years. As she grows as a musician she is loving what she does and doing what she loves. Bright Hawk has been part of the conscious community and a light worker for over 30 years.

Bright Hawk plays a variety of instruments, the most intriguing of them is the handpan, a Hang PANArt. Her lifetime of experience as a percussionist have inspired most of her original music that she creates on the handpan. All of the music that Bright Hawk plays on this instrument is an original composition. She also holds a natural ability as a Storyteller. Uniquely, she tells stories passionately while simultaneously providing her own music to go with her stories.






For Kids of All Ages

A fusion of hip hop yoga led by MC “Make Change” Undakova, a native New Yorker and renown conscious hip hop artist/composer and his partner Katie, a yoga instructor and performance artist. Based in the 5 Elements of Holistic Hip Hop, this special workshop is an adult “cipher” (sacred circle) utilizing movement, sound and vibration to create layered soundscapes, simple vocal percussion and righteous rhymes to unlock authentic vocal expression. Drawing on mantra meditation, positive affirmation and the microcosmic orbit breath, participants learn to channel source energy and use their voice as a wand of manifestation. Optimal root chakra medicine for those returning home to indigenous ways. All ages welcome.

For over twenty years, David Jason Williams a.k.a. U.N.D.A.K.O.V.A
(Universe. Naturally. Delivers. All. Knowledge. Of. Vitality. Automatically.) has been awakening audiences with his special brand of insightful & knowledge ­infused hip hop. He spiritually guides his listeners and shares the benefits of healthy living while, quite fittingly, making you move & groove in the process. Whether spinning disco, funk and breaks, or Latin beats, his artistic sensitivity enables him to affect crowds in a powerful way. Wearing the hats of Emcee, Songwriter, and Producer also open doors for Undakova to shine his light as a lyrical wordsmith, blending mood altering melodies and uplifting messages. He believes true success involves re­establishing the positive foundation of hip hop culture. With a seasoned background in yoga, meditation and philanthropy, Undakova teaches by demonstration that self­love and all forms of artistic expression are the leading ways to empower communities. Through heartfelt displays of compassion, leadership, and creativity, loyal fans continue to grow with him.

Urban monk and teaching artist, his seasoned background in yoga and meditation has allowed him to develop a yoga hip hop curriculum for urban youth with the organizations non-profit BEAT NYC, GENERATION WIRELESS (Now Amplify) and the ABC Sanctuary just to name a few. UNDAKOVA believes self­love and artistic expression are the ultimate tools for empowering communities.

A practicing yogi of 20 years, Katie “High Prieztezz Or Nah” is a visionary artist, scribe, priestess and spiritual gangsta hailing from the blessed coast. Katie’s transformational work lies under a sacred canopy of co-created ritual and magic to align with a group or individual’s deepest soul intention for healing, expansion and higher consciousness. A uniquely interdisciplinary artist, she is co-leader of the radical queer feminist Go! Push Pops collective and creative director of ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: Urban Mystery Skool. Having led Yoga & Sacred Arts workshop internationally including in Japan and the UK, a major goal of her work is the preservation, cultivation and ultimate resurgence of the worship of the Great Mother Goddess, the reinstating of women as spiritual leaders worldwide, and the restoring to sacred status women’s genitalia and symbols of fertility. A known pioneer with her partner UNDAKOVA of Hip Hop Yoga, the two lead seasonal hip hop yoga retreats in the magical jungle of Thailand, turn up at high vibration sacred arts festivals worldwide and throw our monthly new moon wellness ritual Dream Beat.
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MuZen Mindful Creative Theater

We’ll be bringing a Loving Action Dragon on a bicycle, and a canopy with a Large Mother Earth Puppet Altar, where we’ll hold Circle-Ups which engage people in meditation, council and creativity.

MuZen Mindful Creative Theater is a collaboration between Visionary Performance Artist Beth Fairservis and Cellist and Composer Stephen Katz. They combine, music, puppetry, improvisation and environmental activism to create beautiful, goofy theater and community experiences that emphasize our interdependence with the elements and each other.

To learn more go to our recent interviewed with the Zen Peacemakers International: https://zenpeacemakers.org/2018/04/muzen-performance-art/


Make and Take: Giant Paper Flowers and Dream Weavers

Under the Trees

Marcy Gregoire, of Under the Tree Arts, co-creates Music and Art with people of all ages, with a true inspiration from nature. A singer-songwriter, jeweler, muralist and educator who is often within the rolling hills and clear waters of western Massachusetts, Marcy works to inspire spontaneous and open ended art, music, and laughter.

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Our Mission:
ReTribe supports youth to become powerful, self-realized adults who, together, will foster a “New Culture” built on radical acceptance and connection to self, others, and the earth.

ReTribe is an organization based out of Vermont that offers summer camps for children and teens as well as year round school programming. Our programs include; Rites of Passage retreats for teens-using meditation, yoga, wilderness solo, breathwork, and live action role playing, day camps and school programs for children-teaching traditional skills and imaginative, wild play in the woods, and adult and college programming- teaching traditional living skills, and facilitating deep healing through Integral Breathwork.

ReTribe provides a wide range of programs that all help to guide youth and adults through the many transformations of life. Whether it be the small changes of childhood as our day campers learn to build fires, carve wood, and explore their imaginations in the woods, or the profound changes that the teens face on our Rites of Passage retreats as they find themselves, and explore deep emotions, participants will come away from all our programs having grown and transformed, bringing them one step closer to the person that they hope to become.

ReTribe was created as a response to the imbalances we see in the world in an attempt to foster a healthy culture that can help humanity move through this challenging time.
ReTribe is more than just an educational organization, we are a community of people who want to live our lives in connection with each other and the earth. Many of our staff live cooperatively together year round. We grow most of our own food and spend our days doing what we can to help others heal, and find a positive and joyful way to contribute to our world. When we aren’t running programming, we try to create space for community by playing music in the local parks, and holding gatherings where we can share healthy food from our gardens.

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ReTribe : Warrior Training and Capture the Flag with Foam weapons. (Recommended for ages 7 and up)

Join ReTribe cofounders and educators John Hunt and Julia Martin to become a hero in an epic battle with foam swords and battle axes. We will teach you how to fight like a true warrior with honor and nobility. This is a wildly fun game of capture the flag that offers the opportunity for children and adults to let out some energy, engage in silly theatrical role play, and feel a sense of community as we play together.

Dr. Ken

“Bringing people together and making dreams come true.”

Dr. Ken is a neuroscientist, educator, filmmaker and artist living in Norwich, Vermont. He is the founder of Make Your Own Fun(MYOF.org), which uses the power of play to promote learning, relaxation and enjoyment, while building community and promoting well being. Let’s make some fun together!

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MYOF Playshops

Bubble tech – Learn how to mix bubble solution and blow giant soap bubbles and bubbles inside of bubbles.

Cardboard tech – Learn to make anything out of cardboard, a free resource with unique building properties.

Ukulele tech – Bring your ukulele and let’s play together!

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