Leaf Boat Theater – Ceremony

Leaf Boat Theater serves the human journey towards loving interdependence through ritual theater, music, puppets, goofiness, and direct actions for the sake of all beings. Artistic director and buddhist counselor Beth Fairservis is the progeny of Vaudeville and Anthropology. She has studied theater with Ricardo Puccetti, Meredith Monk, Rachel Rosenthal, and Double Edge Theater. Her puppets have danced on streets and in city halls through Western Mass for over 10 years. Musical director, composer, and cellist Stephen Katz brings a lifetime of collaboration with dance and theater to Leaf Boat. Their son Olin Katz has been surrounded by puppets since infancy. He is now stepping in as lyricist, singer, and youth perspective in all that the company creates. Joining the Fairservis-Katz family at Unifier is the strong voice of Thai Massage therapist and Water Protector Ashley Berry.

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The World We Love is in our Hands

Puppets and a passionate love for the earth come together in unique ritual theater experience. On Friday at 5pm Cellist Stephen Katz and Beth Fairservis will muse on the magical powers of multidimensional consciousness. On Saturday at 5pm Ashley Berry will join the troupe along with the community in a giant puppet parade leading to the Earth Temple for a transmutational theater experience where we will all get in touch with our inter-dependence!

Anna Oh

ANNA OH has been doing her thing all over the Tri-State Area. Her music combines elements of Soul, Blues, Rock, Tribal, Jazz, Funk and other assorted genres. Hear the smooth, bold sounds that fill your heart with joy and wonder. Watch her movement with the passion and fire of life.Listen to words that elevate your soul and lift your spirit. Join in the magic.

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Hanifa Nayo

Hanifa picked up the guitar 20 years ago to accompany her poetry and songs and has been on a ride of spirit, healing, and soul connecting ever since. She is answering her calling as an artist and soul teacher blending by her sweet songs with somatic healing and guided meditations.

Hanifa Nayo- means the Bringer of Happiness With Whom I Go in Yorubic.

Native to Detroit and currently living in New Haven, CT Hanifa has been bringing the happiness since 1977.

Hanifa is a spoken word poet, creative writer, storyteller, and intuitive energy healer.

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Mantras For The Revolution

Join healing songtress Hanifa Nayo offering medicine in her words, mantras,and songs.

Circle up with her for a radical healing session called Mantras For The Revolution- experience deep connection, sacred play, release, and a sweet energetic tune up!

Kuf Knotz

Kuf Knotz is one of todays fastest emerging alternative artists. No musical territory goes unexplored when it comes to Kuf, and it is this attitude that has led him to open for top acts – Ms Lauryn Hill, Kabaka Pyramid, Robert Glasper, THE ROOTS, The Wailers, Common, Robert Randolph, Arrested Development, Inspectah Deck, Amos Lee, Steel Pulse, Zac Deputy, Josh Ritter, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Soulive , Easy Star Allstars & Rising Appalachia to name a few.

The new album by Philadelphia- and Brooklyn-based artist Kuf Knotz —
pushes the boundaries of hip-hop. “My music’s always had a pretty broad spectrum as far as influences go,” he says. “It feels really natural to blend genres. I’ve always just felt that music is music.”

Inspired to take his own indie-progressive style to the next level, Kuf began work on a collection of upbeat, feel-good music. “I felt like it was important and it was needed in hip-hop,” Kuf says. Armed with his songs, he headed for Amsterdam.

The change of scenery allowed him to focus on A Positive Light (2015) — his first album in more than three years — Kuf teamed with artists in The Netherlands who added live production who added vocals & who mixed the entire album.

Kuf volunteers his time for WXPN’s Musicians On Call program, bringing live music to the bedsides of patients through weekly programs at six area hospitals.

In late 2012 Kuf Knotz relocated and now resides in NYC.

Most recent update – Kuf has returned from The Netherlands and is in The studio finishing up a NEW ALBUM.!

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Kai Altair

With music called ‘hypnotic’ by SoundCloud, and hailed by CBS News as a ‘modern day mermaid,’ Kai Altair is influenced by transformational culture, myth, and dreams. Her music is composed of deep bass exploration, vocal dreamscapes, and sounds rooted in blues, rock, and global migrations. Kai’s latest release is Shapeshifter: a full length album of her original music remixed by Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, Govinda, Kaminanda, Living Light, HÄANA, Erothyme, Sera Solstice, Haj i Ji, and Joro Boro. She is currently back in the studio recording another full length album inspired by visions of time travel, sacred bliss, and journeys in non-ordinary reality.

Based in Brooklyn, Kai performs with a rotating cast of musicians and performance artists at venues, warehouse parties, and festivals around the country. Her passion for storytelling continues to lead her towards collaboration with rising stars from the dance, fire, circus, film and festival worlds known for conjuring other realities with their creations. Often creating music for The House of Yes & Flambeaux Fire, Kai is also the creatrix of Mermaid Lagoon: an ocean conservation variety show that sends thousands of dollars annually to local and world water organizations. A student of ancient musical, movement, and healing traditions, Kai Altair’s intention is to inspire connection to the multiverse, and help create an elevated state on the dance floor.

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Live offering weaves sacred song medicine with ancient future alien bass dreamscapes.

Ryan Curtis

I create and share art with the intention of communicating and celebrating sacred, profound and beautiful aspects of life and spirituality. I aim to make work that powerfully references and communicates the vital connection to the divine that we are all invited to experience and share in. I choose to align with the universal current that recognizes life as spirit and spirit as life. If we claim to hold spirit sacred, then we must hold life sacred. And even if we do not “believe” in spirit then all the more reason to hold life sacred.

My art is currently born of experiments and practices with drawing, photography, digital collage, alternative printmaking, mixed media painting and digital meets analogue airbrush body painting. The muses which I currently tap into to create my work include human and animal forms, sacred geometry, all forms of spirituality and reverence for nature and humanitarian ideals .

My physical process often begins with digital collage composed of photographs of nature, animals, natural and man-made structures, sacred geometry and people. I own an old oil toner printer from which I assemble a collage of prints which I then transfer the prints to pre-painted wood, paper or raw canvass. The transferred image becomes a layer of the mixed media painted collage as I continue to work the piece with layers of paint, airbrush, stencils, love, hope and desire towards my goal for a meaningful aesthetic with harmonic resonance and impact.

Right now I am living in Trumansburg NY just outside Ithaca. I’m in the best art studio that I’ve had the pleasure to call my own thus far; and my main focus is on illustrating my first children’s book, “You’ve got the UNIVERSE in your hands”.


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Living Light

LIVING LIGHT / Desert Trax / Re:Evolution

Entrancing dub and body-moving uptempo electronic opuses are the hallmark of the Living Light sound, blending global beats, indigenous voices, swirling symphonic melodies, and a dash of psychedelia that has lit up audiences coast to coast. Eartha Harris officially launched her Living Light project in 2012 having spent half a decade behind the keyboards in the pioneering live electronic hybrid Psylab. She now has two full albums and two EP’s under the Living Light name, her most recent pair released in 2016 on Desert Dwellers’ Desert Trax label, in addition to compilation appearances on Merkaba Music and Sofa Beats, and official remixes for Papadosio, CloZee, Wildlight, Desert Dwellers, and many more heavy-hitters on the festival circuit. On top of her busy touring schedule, Harris shares her wealth of knowledge with nutritional workshops, and engaging yoga classes in between high-energy performances — sometimes you can find her doing all three at a single festival.

The next Living Light album, “The Great Attractor”, slated for a 2018 release, will strike a balance between uptempo dance and psydub focus while maintaining its connection to that classic Living Light sound.

The name “Living Light” has multiple interpretations, and simultaneously refers to living non-materialistically, maintaining a positive outlook, and all life originating from star-stuff.

Facebook: facebook.com/livinglightfrequencies
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ecliptic-visions/id740294549
Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/ecliptic-visions/1195231

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