Cora-Sol is the alter ego and stage presence of flow artist and free form dancer, Coraima Rae. Coraima (otherwise known as “Cora”) has carried a passionate spiritual connection to movement and creative expression since childhood. She attended highschool at the “Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts” where she studied various forms such as musical theater, which encompassed dancing (hip-hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary) singing, character acting, creative writing, and even jewelry/costume designing. She also has experience with working in technical theater where she learned about stage lighting/sound, set designing, and prop making.

Based out of Hartford Connecticut, Cora-Sol has been performing locally and regionally for the last four years providing visually captivating and immersive experiences for audiences all around. Cora’s intrinsic ability to adapt to almost any musical rhythm and converge it with her own unique style creates a one-of-a-kind performance that will be sure to draw in any crowd. She offers a wide variety of performance styles and themed shows for audiences of any age range.


Lia Simone

Lia offers amazing and unique entertainment for events of all kinds using a wide variety of fire props along with elegant and lively dance performance. She has been spinning fire and performing for over 7 years.


Leaf Boat Theater – Ceremony

Leaf Boat Theater serves the human journey towards loving interdependence through ritual theater, music, puppets, goofiness, and direct actions for the sake of all beings. Artistic director and buddhist counselor Beth Fairservis is the progeny of Vaudeville and Anthropology. She has studied theater with Ricardo Puccetti, Meredith Monk, Rachel Rosenthal, and Double Edge Theater. Her puppets have danced on streets and in city halls through Western Mass for over 10 years. Musical director, composer, and cellist Stephen Katz brings a lifetime of collaboration with dance and theater to Leaf Boat. Their son Olin Katz has been surrounded by puppets since infancy. He is now stepping in as lyricist, singer, and youth perspective in all that the company creates. Joining the Fairservis-Katz family at Unifier is the strong voice of Thai Massage therapist and Water Protector Ashley Berry.

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The World We Love is in our Hands

Puppets and a passionate love for the earth come together in unique ritual theater experience. On Friday at 5pm Cellist Stephen Katz and Beth Fairservis will muse on the magical powers of multidimensional consciousness. On Saturday at 5pm Ashley Berry will join the troupe along with the community in a giant puppet parade leading to the Earth Temple for a transmutational theater experience where we will all get in touch with our inter-dependence!


“Refreshingly positive and life-affirming” (VICE); a “tour de force” (Mass Appeal); “wild and catchy” (Brooklyn Magazine); “exceedingly unique” (Wild Honey Pie); “fresh and inventive” (All About Jazz); “levitating on a bouncy, cloud of air” (Impose Magazine). From December 2009 to August 2016, EMEFE established itself as one of the most exciting bands to come out of New York City, through countless legendary live shows and 7 studio releases (including 2015’s EMEFE and 2012’s Good Future). Now, they reunite for one special June weekend, coinciding with the release of Live at Bryant Park, a document of their powerful final show as a band in August 2016.

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Matt Carey

A Multi-Instrumentalist, producer and performer, Matt Carey is an up and coming talent that showcases a versatility, intention and quality of work that is poised to peak the interests of music fans worldwide. At 27 years of age, Matt has become a fixture in the North East U.S. Music Festival Scene and is well established internationally, now approaching his sixth year performing throughout Central America. 2016 saw the release of Matt’s debut full-length album, “Born into Babylon”. The album delivers a diverse sonic journey rooted in house music, weaving vibes, instruments and cultures creating a unique signature style. Live, Matt creates a multi-sensory visionary atmosphere utilizing his own vocals, analog FX and live instrumentation to bring an interactive and unique live performance. His productions consist of sounds, themes and instruments derived from a wide variety of places, times and emotions, creating an immersive audio journey.

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Jon Lee Rucker

Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist and Keyboard Player.
Musical style has been dubbed “Earth Spirit Revival”.
His songs are prayers, for human beings to come together in this time, to build together for the next generations.
He is the creative visionary behind PermaJam (a model for festivals that transform the land and unite communities).
He has dedicated the last 8 years in service, organizing for environmental and social causes, helping to build farms and permaculture projects.

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Barika is a 6 piece funky, dubbed out, psychedelic West African flavored band from Burlington, Vermont. The group is led by Craig Myers who, in addition to leading Barika on the N’Goni, is also a current member of Mike Gordon’s band, and was one of the original founding members of Rubblebucket. He has performed alongside many artists and bands including Midnight, Toubab Krewe, Djeneba Seck, and John Brown’s Body.

Band Members
Craig Myers (N’goni)
Caleb Bronz (Drums)
Giovanni “Johnny” Rovetto (Bass)
ColinLenox (Guitar)
Chris Hawthorn (Trumpet, Synth)
Matt Davide (Sax)

Indie / Polyrhythmic Ethereal Dub-Scape soaked in Psychedelic, West African Resonance

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Hanifa Nayo

Hanifa picked up the guitar 20 years ago to accompany her poetry and songs and has been on a ride of spirit, healing, and soul connecting ever since. She is answering her calling as an artist and soul teacher blending by her sweet songs with somatic healing and guided meditations.

Hanifa Nayo- means the Bringer of Happiness With Whom I Go in Yorubic.

Native to Detroit and currently living in New Haven, CT Hanifa has been bringing the happiness since 1977.

Hanifa is a spoken word poet, creative writer, storyteller, and intuitive energy healer.

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Mantras For The Revolution

Join healing songtress Hanifa Nayo offering medicine in her words, mantras,and songs.

Circle up with her for a radical healing session called Mantras For The Revolution- experience deep connection, sacred play, release, and a sweet energetic tune up!

Global Groove Featuring Patrick of Icaro

:::Soundscapes channeled through the planetary offerings of cosmic spirits:::

:::Transcribed with the intent of catalyzing our universal love into a wave of conscious energy:::

:::Invoke the internal, ancient wisdom; Resonate with the collective vibration:::

:::From Our Hearts to Yours :::

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