Hadar Sun

Introduction to Shiatsu Bodywork with Hadar Sun

Connect with your magical Meridian energy. Learn to tap into your reservoir of Chi energy through breath and movement. Join Hadar Sun to learn Shiatsu Bodywork techniques with emphasis on Acupressure points and Meridian body stretches. Hadar Sun will be offering her unique Shiatsu workshops on Friday and Saturday. Fun and play with bodywork will enable you to offer shiatsu to your friends and family.
Hadar Sun
Hadar Sun is the founder of Meridian Therapy Shiatsu. She has been practicing Shiatsu and Meridian Therapy for over 20 years, and has a private practice in Montpelier Vermont.
Hadar has studied and worked with international teachers worldwide. She has journeyed into the vast world of healing and martial art, instilled into the source of energy and movement.

Anne Novak

Embracing the Soul’s Journey with Anne Novak

Saturday, 3-4:50pm, Art Gallery Stage

– A Conscious Rebirthing Experience

“Love yourself. Love your soul and let go of the past.”  – Yogi Bhajan

Each of us is a unique expression of the creativity of the universe, with an innate capacity for happiness, prosperity and fulfillment. Yet, many of us live in a state of anxiety, depression or resentment. The process of life could be seen as a reclaiming of this birthright, remembering the truth of who we are. This workshop is an invitation to release subconscious programming and limiting beliefs, to heal the old wounds which prevent us from experiencing the joy of living in our highest creative potential. Conscious Rebirthing is a powerfully transformational practice for freeing ourselves to embrace the richness and beauty of life, to merge with our soul’s deepest purpose and to connect more meaningfully to our lives, our work, and our relationships.

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic combination of physical postures and movement, mantra, breath work, meditation and sound healing. This ancient healing practice is ideally suited to manage the stresses of modern day living, offering an opportunity to restore balance within the body, process emotions and life experiences, and create harmony between mind, body and spirit. Anne Novak’s compassionate teaching provides a yogic blueprint for profound healing and reclaiming the birthright of joy within you.


Anne Novak is a teacher and author whose work on the study of healing and pain has helped thousands. She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation since 1999, leading retreats and workshops in the United States, London, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, and soon Africa. She teaches Kundalini Yoga classes nationally and internationally and maintains a private healing practice in Connecticut.

Anne is a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Member of the Yoga Alliance, an ACE-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a background in physical therapy, and a certified Hypnotherapist who has been working in the health and wellness industry for over thirty years.

Her Kundalini instructional YouTube videos have been viewed by hundred of thousands of students world-wide. She has published multiple e-courses with Spirit Voyage, including the acclaimed Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, Understanding and Healing Pain, and her recent Breaking the Spell of Narcissism, and is the author of the Radiant Health and Authentic Happiness series. Currently, she is writing a book series on living and healing.

In her private practice, she is a guide and facilitator in personal healing. Among the many healing modalities she uses in her practice are Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, hypnotherapy, energy work, and heart meditation.

The Grays

Original jazz-funk exo-music project: Justin Vood Good (guitar), Hans Lohse (percussion, accordion and vocals), Tracey Kroll (drums and electronica), Pat Pollen (bass) and Steve Fava (acoustic sculpting and sound production), Chris Thompson (trumpet), Shanhji (poetics).
All recording and production by Tracey Kroll Studios.


Cura Cura

Cura Cura is Rock-Soul-Medicine music spearheaded by Patrick Surdam (vocals/ guitar), Sam McGarrity (guitar/vocals/ keyboards) both of ‘The Nice Ones’, Maryn Azoff (vocals/percussion) of ‘Tribe of Love’ and Elea Wilder (violin).
Cura Cura’s songs are simultaneously churning, ethereal, tender, sweet and emotionally rich, taking audiences on a journey through darkness and back into light. The music is in its essence, shadow work.
Songwriter Patrick Surdam says,
“In these songs I am saying “This is my broken heart, this is my longing, this is my confusion, this is my anger, this is my sadness. Being fearless in this type of exposure as an artist, was the most healing thing I could think to do; just put it out there, reveal it.”

Matthew Human

Matthew Human is an international touring musician, actor, producer, recording artist, and a prolific songwriter based between Ashland, OR and Nashville, TN.

Born in Utica, NY, Matthew Human and his family also put down roots near Akron, OH, and Nashville. He studied Anthropology and Event Production at Kent State University, dropping out in 2002 to record his first album ‘Rainshadow.’ Inspired by the world events following the September 11 bombing and aided by a spiritual calling to study farming and ultimately pursue a full-time career in music, Human moved his base to the Mendocino Coast of Northern California in 2002. There he formed the first incarnation of his band The Human Revolution. Human and his rotating band of musicians would tour all over the United States performing their original country-rock dance music, eventually becoming one of the best-loved acts on the West Coast festival circuit. In 2006 Human released his award-winning pro-hemp music video “Tree of Life” which went viral and led to a role in a 2010 movie on the subject as well as the 2006 American Marijuana Music Award for “Best Music Video.” In 2009 Matthew Human and The Human Revolution had the honor of opening for Willie Nelson’s labor day show in Piercy, CA. As a longtime advocate for healthy food and consumer rights, Human would go on to lead three US-based tours in support of GMO labeling initiatives, including 2011’s GMO Right 2 Know March, a 315 mile political march from Brooklyn, NY to Washington, DC. The consumer health motivated march made its way down the eastern seaboard, briefly joining the ‘Occupy’ camps popping up in the various cities, and culminated in a high-profile concert outside the White House on International Food Day that year. Matthew Human is recognized as the Global Music Ambassador of Food For Life Global, the world’s largest vegetarian food relief program which serves over 2 million free hot meals daily. In 2012 Human self-produced his 7’th album ‘Small Town’, which was among the first ever completely crowdfunded albums on Kickstarter, raising $20k of grassroots funding from his fans and network, which featured a song dedicated to the service organization.

Following the death of his father in the winter of 2012, Matthew was introduced to veteran entertainment industry powerhouse Eddie Wenrick who took the troubadour under his wing and led him back to his roots in Nashville, TN where he produced his latest full album project ‘ 19 in 69,’ featuring a more polished and commercial world-pop-country sound. Human released an EP and a couple singles from the project in 2017, one of which received generous airplay on a variety of country music television programs. The video for “Shoes Under My Bed” was aired on over 27 networks including The Country Channel (Zuus Country), Heartland TV, and Country Fix, reaching over 100 Million households in the US alone. Internationally the video also aired in Ireland, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Human’s latest project is a country reggae-vibed single of the Warren Brothers penned tune “Love A Lot.”

Always one to ride the cutting edge of technology, Matthew Human released a 360 VR music video called “Don’t Have You” filmed on his farm in Costa Rica in 2017. Matthew Human was also an early adopter of the Patreon platform, a direct fan to artist subscription service where he currently has over 50 patrons supporting him monthly. Human regularly performs free online concerts for his enthusiastic fans on Facebook Live promoting his Patreon and accepting tips through an online tip jar.

Beyond the music, Matthew Human is also a self-described foodie, a chef, a yogi, and fruit farmer who enjoys spending time on his off-the-grid community farm in Costa Rica where he also produces private events and retreats and is developing a permaculture inspired retreat center. In 2015 Human launched his self-produced and edited IPhone-filmed cooking show called ’The Clean Food Cooking Show’ on his Youtube channel. The singer also enjoys acting, building community, supporting organic farmers, and helping other young musicians find a foothold in the constantly changing world of the music business.

Matthew Human

Kotoko Brass

Inspired by the traditional drum rhythms of Ghana, Kotoko Brass has created a unique, joyful, and improvisational style of West African dance music described by the Boston Globe as “propulsive, infectious party music”.
Inspired by the traditional drum rhythms of Ghana, Kotoko Brass has created a unique, joyful, and improvisational style of West African dance music described by the Boston Globe as “propulsive, infectious party music”. The drums provide the heart and soul of Kotoko Brass — merging syncopated African percussion polyrhythms with hard-hitting dance grooves on the drumset. The horns blend traditional sounds of New Orleans with the famous West African brass band sound heard from Ghana to Nigeria, and the keyboard and bass evoke classic African and Caribbean styles of highlife, afrobeat, and reggae. A celebratory and energetic synthesis of music, people, and cultures from around the world, Kotoko Brass features musicians from Ghana, Antigua, Japan, and the United States playing together in unity.


The Big Takeover

Traditionalists or progressives? Fronted by the charismatic Jamaican-born singer and songwriter Nee Nee Rushie, the seven-piece New York band The Big Takeover plays original music that is rooted in and reverent toward the genres and rhythms of Jamaican pop: reggae, rocksteady, ska. They are devotees of Desmond Dekker and the way the old school did it.  At the same time, The Big Takeover crosses lines and blends traditions like global pop fusionists. Their deceptively complex arrangements and big hooks connect with the spirit of Motown and the uptown sophistication of the 21st century retro soul and R&B revival scene.

“Led by the powerhouse, Jamaican-born singer and songwriter NeeNee Rushie, The Big Takeover’s horn-powered global blend reveals deep fluency in reggae and world music, hints of soul and Motown, and their own infectious brand of pop classicism.” — John Burdick

That rich sound, along with their rigorous performing schedule and studio work, has been paying off. In 2018, the Big Takeover completed a successful 12-state tour. They were enthusiastically received by 10,000 at Omaha’s Jazz on the Green festival. They delivered an outrageously infectious and nuanced acoustic performance on the popular reggae-centric Sugarshack Sessions. Meanwhile, their current standalone single “Rainboots” has scored big with the discerning tastes at National Public Radio. The Big Takeover has appeared live in studio on several NPR stations, while “Rainboots” is in rotation on all of them.


Digital Vagabond

A recent transplant from Boston, MA to the mountains of Colorado, Patrick Boyle aka Digital Vagabond is a DJ/Producer, event planner & jewelry fabricator. A connected individual and man of action who wears many hats within an exponentially growing electronic music and art culture. His moniker is derived from his technological nomadic inclinations, embracing digital technology and cyberspace as a symbiotic interface inseparable from nature.

His individually curated dj sets have directly supported world class artists and feature unreleased tunes from many top acts from around the globe.

Patrick is also a co-manager of the widely acclaimed online music culture hub Lostinsound; the go-to site for eloquent writings and resources for the leading music and events in the intelligent electronic music community.


Taina Asili

Taína Asili is a New York based Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, bandleader and activist carrying on the tradition of her ancestors, fusing past and present struggles into one soulful and defiant voice. Her newest artistic work is an energetic fusion of powerful vocals laid over Afro-Latin, reggae, and rock sounds. Residing in Albany, NY, Taína Asili performs her social justice songs as a solo artist, and also with her dynamic eight-piece band, bringing love, resistance, and ancestral remembrance to venues, festivals, conferences and political events across the globe. Taína Asili’s voice exudes strength of Spirit, filling listeners with the fervor for freedom and inspiring audiences to dance to the rhythm of rebellion.


Taina Asili’s music is a powerful force for social change. Billboard Magazine featured her in a list of “11 Songs of Protest & Resistance by Latino Artists,” and The Huffington Post named her as #2 in a list of in a list of “12 Freedom Fighting Bands To Get You Through the Trump Years,” and her music has been aired many times on Democracy Now!. Through 2016, Taina participated in the Rock Against The TPP tour, where she joined famed guitarist Tom Morello, Emmy nominated actress Evangeline Lilly, and other high profile artists in a nation wide tour to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In January 2017, Taina performed for almost a million people at The Women’s March on Washington, alongside activists such as Angela Davis, Janet Mock and Gloria Steinem, and artists such as Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Toshi Reagon, and Madonna. In April 2017, she spoke and performed at TEDx Greenville, performing her acclaimed song “Freedom,” addressing issues of mass incarceration and state violence.


Asili’s first album War Cry was released in 2010, and her latest album Fruit of Hope was released in 2014. Music producer and journalist David Malachowski writes “…the high energy of the band is simply impossible to ignore. The exotic, incessant rhythms reel you in, and the stabbing horns, hypnotic bass and Asili’s urgent voice draw you closer.” KC Orcott of The Source writes, “Taina is a true talent, and a true social justice warrior.”

Asili’s work expands beyond the realm of music into other forms of media. Her most recent music video “No Es Mi Presidente,” which she wrote and directed, was premiered in Rolling Stone and received national acclaim. Her music video “Freedom”, also received national media attention, including features in Mic.comLatina MagazineThe SourceOkayplayer and Feministing, and was described as “a new Black Lives Matter anthem”. It was also featured in The Workers Unite Film Festival. Her music video commentary on climate justice, “And We Walk”, was featured as part of an interview with Taina in Yes! Magazine. Recently, she has dove into the world of podcasting with her new show The Rhythm of Rebellion, featuring interviews with social justice artists from around the world.

During Taína Asili’s 20-year career of creating music for social change she has toured the country numerous times, toured Europe from Ireland to Germany, and has performed in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Taína Asili has performed at many well-known festivals and venues, sharing the stage with renowned artists and activists such as Talib KweliAlicia KeysJanelle MonáeAngela DavisCornel WestUrsula RuckerSonia SanchezTom MorelloPaula ColeJello Biafra, and The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars.

Taína is dedicated to using her art as a tool for personal and social transformation. The liberation themes in Taína’s writing are based in her activism in political prisoner liberation, prisoner justice, climate justice, and food justice movements. Taína has an MA in Transformative Language Arts from Goddard College, and in addition to her performance and activist work, she facilitates arts workshops for both youth and adults. In 2005, Taina was given the Transformation Award by the Leeway Foundation for her art and social change work. In 2010, the Fabulous Feminist: Creative Force Award was given to Taína by the Holding Our Own Foundation. In 2015, The Hispanic Coalition NY recognized her as one of their 40 under 40 Rising Stars. In 2016 she received the Jimmy Perry Progressive Leadership Award from Citizen Action NY, and in 2017 she was honored by the City of Albany’s Commission on Human Rights.


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