Yoga & Sound Healing

This is a 2 hour program. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation, and experience. Physical injuries can be healed and old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed. The only pre-requisite is the willingness to receive. Please bring a blanket and pillow for additional comfort.

What to expect:
• The first 45 minutes include a gentle yoga sequence, accompanied by soothing acoustic guitar leaving you open and ready to receive the Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing offerings, fully embodied.
• The following 15/20 minutes take you on an journey into a deep state of relaxation through a guided meditation (Yoga Nidra/Psychic Sleep).
• The remaining hour is spent resting on your back, bathing in a sound experience that will encourage deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of your inward journey


Sacred Sound Illumination

Join the Sacred Sound Illumination guided by Khem Reyall and Jonathon Mota. Experience the tuning forks, shruti songs, crystal pyramids, and other healing instruments that allow your sacred body to enter a deep state of relaxation, transformation and ALL LOVE. Khem and Jonathon integrate Sekhem Energy Healing into the Sacred Sound Illumination. Sekhem is an Egyptian word that means universal togetherness and oneness.


Luke DeStefano

Thai Yoga Massage – the Dharma of Touch

In this no-experience-necessary workshop we will be exploring the ancient healing modality of Thai Yoga massage. You will be guided through simple techniques to explore the gift of touch in a way that is therapeutic, boundary-conscious, and heart centered.

Luke DeStefano

Luke DeStefano set foot on the path of Thai Yoga Massage in 2009 under the care of Thailand’s most loved and respected masters. After years years of deep study in and around Southeast Asia, he received the blessing from his teachers to share the practice with others. Since then, Luke has been practicing and teaching workshops in S.E Asia, Canada, Europe, Central America, and the United States.Thai Yoga Massage is so much more than massage. It is a meditation of loving kindness that is set in motion by the principals of compassion, deep listening, and respect.


Healing with Art and Mantra

Healing with Art and Mantra


This class will be a healing blend of mantras in the form of kirtan, or call and response chanting, and the creation of art. We will begin with a brief introduction of the history of kirtan and why mantras are such powerful tools. We will also discuss how art and creativity are powerful healing tools and how mantras can help us tap into our creativity. We will start with a session of some call and response chanting to get grounded and settle into the class. I will lead the chants accompanied by my harmonium. Then we will proceed to draw. I will suggest students to choose a mantra to focus on, to mentally repeat or quietly sing, as they draw to get into a flow state. The repetition of the mantra while creating will help with artist’s block and allow students to intuitively create. This process can also facilitate healing if a student chooses a mantra with a specific intention behind it; then their art will be infused with this healing intention. My goal is that students will leave the class with useful tools to help de-stress and enter the creative flow that they can use in their own lives.

Hilary has been leading kirtan for three years and has been immersed in the practice for 10 years. The daily practice of kirtan has allowed her to experience more peace and happiness in every moment. She has been singing for her entire life and loves to share this heart opening practice with others. She has also been painting for over 15 years. The practice of chanting mantras has deepened her spiritual relationship with creating art. Although she primarily considers herself a painter, she is joyed to share her practice of kirtan with others.


Kelli Joy

Kelli Joy

A sound seamstress weaving threads of frequency connecting hearts and minds to the One Love that binds us into tribe. She studied the science and spirit of vibration alchemy with masters of the craft and come to her own unique expression of visionary soundscaping. Kelli Joy holds sacred space for powerful transformation through the power of meditation utilizing the sacredness of sound and ceremony to meld into Unity.


Universal Peace Chant

I call together the tribe of peaceful warriors to send out a mantra of Sanskrit origin for the happiness and liberation of all beings. Let it start with us! Discussion, pronunciation and exploration of the powerful practice of mantra.

Over the Rainbow ~ Mandala Creation & Sound Meditation

Featuring Kelli Joy of Vibrational Visionary & Special Guests

Sound is the bridge between etheric and manifest reality. Intention is the calling into creation that which we would like to see in the world, let us use this practice of imaginative mastery, sound innovation & mandala art to co-create a new vision and visual artwork of sand that escapes the hourglass.


Binaural Beat Brothers

Chris Sturk of Binaural Beat Brothers

Chris works with therapeutic sound throughout New England. Residing in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, he provides sound for meditation and yoga. He is a founding member of The Resonance Collective and Binaural Beat Brothers ft. Resonant Phibrations — a group of sound workers that incorporate binaural beats, intentional frequencies, and sacred sound instruments into sound experiences.

Casey Ray of Binaural Beat Brothers

I am a mathematical, acoustical cosmonaut surfing ethereal waves harmonic; I breathe sunlight and am a brother to lightning. Through several years of study, I have come to find that my understandings of life are shared through my passions to communicate concepts of Sacred Geometry, Science, Music, and Souls; I am a scholar of purpose. Be well, and never forget: The beat doesn’t stop!!

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Lolly Be Healing

Lolly Be learned Spanish as a teenager and has been practicing yoga for seven years. She did her yoga teacher training with the international Sivananda school in Medellin, Colombia. She has been teaching yoga for four years in non traditional settings. She focuses on using yoga as an opportunity to befriend the body and to recover from PTSD. She has taught yoga as a healing intervention to women in Uganda and Colombia and in local mental health centers.


Lolly Be, LMSW is a holistic healer integrating psychotherapy, trauma informed yoga and shamanic philosophy. She specializes in relationships and trauma recovery. She is based in her hometown of New Haven, CT but travels around the world. She is available for sessions online and in person for counseling, coaching and yoga therapy.

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Spanish Yoga Workshop

Come and enjoy a Hatha yoga practice in Spanish! Everyone can participate, you don’t have to know the language already. I’ll introduce some basic words at the beginning so you can improve your vocabulary! This is a great opportunity to learn and to practice your listening comprehension. If you are a native speaker it is an opportunity to practice in your mother tongue. It is a fun activity to follow along through the movements and have a new experience on the mat!

Pashupa Goodwin

Pashupa means “protector of the animals” in Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga. Seeing his own life and many lives around him transformed by the practices of yoga, he feels compelled to share these benefits. His classes are playful and accessible to all, filled with uplifting music, chanting, vinyasa sequencing, meditation, and insightful dharma talks. He is a certified teacher of Jivamukti Yoga, a lineage that offers a path to self-realization through compassion towards all beings. He hopes to ignite the passion in every student that will create an engagement with the world, so that we may all help one another awaken to the possibility of a conscious evolution of the human potential.

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Animal Mukti Workshop

Ever wonder why so many yoga poses named after animals? By taking the shapes of animals, trees, and sacred geometries we connect to various energies that flow through the body and influence our mental states. In this playful vinyasa practice we will focus on some of those poses and the stories behind them. It is through the connection to the other that we find our true self. A wonderful opportunity to integrate the experiences of Unifier into our bodies and hearts before heading back into the world.

Chandra Cantor

Chandra has had a lifelong involvement in Dance, Yoga and the Movement Arts. Her study of Yoga has taken her throughout the Northeast, NY, CA and India. Chandra has taught Yoga for 20 years in the Boston area where she now lives, dances and raises two rambunctious boys.

Partner Yoga Workshop:

This deep yet gentle class will introduce you to some wonderfully effective ways to experience yoga with a partner. Sometimes playful, sometime challenging, and sometimes caring and relaxing, Partner yoga will deepen and expand your yoga practice.

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Arden Sundari Pierce

Arden Sundari, BA South Asian Studies, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist since 1992, certified as Structural Yoga Therapist, and trained in Krishnamacharya lineage and Shiatsu. She has taught at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and presented at the International Yoga Therapy Conferences. She is a lover of nature and student of it’s subtle grace. Arden’s main offering is to bring profound healing and release from the core; she teaches compassionate ways to reveal well being and awakening. Arden teaches out of her studio in Florence, Ma, Cooley Dickinson’s Midwifery Center, and leads retreats in sacred settings. Her therapeutic approach is assessable to all abilities.

Arden Sundari Pierce, BA South Asian Studies, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist since 1992, certified as Structural Yoga Therapist, and trained in Krishnamacharya lineage and Shiatsu. She has taught at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and presented at the International Yoga Therapy Conferences. Along with her private practice, Arden currently teaches in college, business and hospital settings and is the founder of Yoga for Well Being, Well Being at Work and Pregnancy Yoga Therapy & Labor Readiness Arden also teaches at her member-owned collective studio, Sun Studio, in Florence, Ma. Arden joyously guides others into experiences that heal and awaken on every level. Her therapeutic approach is assessable to all abilities. Breath (pranayama) plays a central role in her teaching as a means to cultivate compassion, transformation and to bring you into the flow of LIFE.

Yoga Therapy for Psoas Awakening

A gentle exploration to free the psoas while creating stability in the pelvis.  The psoas is a core movement and posture muscle; dance, speech/song, and awakening are profound aspects of its function. Because the fight/fright/freeze mechanism is set in the psoas, the practices also can release and integrate imbedded impressions of stress and trauma. Ideal if back and hip and knee issues. This is a safe release-work approach for the next step on your path in mind, body and spirit.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation as Doorway to the Subtle Realms

All levels and abilities welcome. Through easy postures, yogic breathing, chanting and meditation, the practice opens the subtle energy channels to ground, clear and refine.  The practice develops two important pranas (subtle energies) in our being: Apana Prana (letting go and grounding) and Udana Prana.  Udana Prana governs positive evolutionary energy in consciousness, spinal strength, enthusiasm and self-expression. It guides awareness to profound experiences of nature, the astral and causal planes, giving you insight into those realms and helping you to attune to your inner guidance. We will practice on the beach or on the dock connecting intimately with the lake and her creatures, yoking inner and outer nature.

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