Flow Arts

Flow Arts


A typical workshop will focus on the basics of Contact Staff, Double Staff and/or Hoops. Each of these disciplines has been used in martial arts, Cirque du Soleil, marching bands and many other types of performances. No prior training? No problem! Grasping these concepts will be quick and easy. For staff, we will practice grip, rotors, flow planes, one-beats, two-beats, body rolls, and anti-spins. For double staff, we will review grip, finger rolls, timing and direction, one-beats, extensions, and reels. For hoops, we will learn waist hooping, isolations, anti-spins, and jump throughs. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Maurice (Reese) Crawley has been practicing flow arts since January 2014. The passion and freedom found in the arts has taken him through many different forms of self-expression, but his love is for performance. From volunteering at the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) in Portland, Maine, to video shoots in Birmingham, AL, to fire performances for 80,000 attendees at Burning Man, every endeavor receives all of his time and dedication. Most recent achievements include SpinCo’s Social Engagement Chair, Bangarang shows, PEX performances, and festivals all around the country. Reese looks forward to bringing that same energy to you.




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