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Ashley Berry is a community organizer, Thai bodywork practitioner and participating member of the New England Council Collective, an organization devoted to sharing the talking circle practices of The Way of Council. She holds talking circles at Thrive Integrative Wellness in Florence, MA

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Integrative Community Talking Circle

Talking circles are ancient practices used for community building, healing, and integration.

There will be two talking circles, one on Saturday afternoon, and one on Sunday evening. Through deep listening, reflection and verbal expression, we bring awareness to our own most meaningful moments leading up to and during the festival. We will share our stories about what brought us here, what is moving within us, and what we are taking home. In the circle, we have an opportunity to be witnessed in our story, to witness others as they share their stories, and to witness the unfolding of the larger collective story of our community, within a shared festival experience. In this way, the circle process itself is a key practice to facilitate deeper integration of our individual and collective experiences, and to clarify the role that transformational festivals play in the nurturance of healthy communities, in the interest of returning home with an integrated knowing of the gifts we receive in gathering for festival, and how they can serve and support our purpose in the world.

Ryan B Curtis

My summer camp roots go deep. My parents met at camp when they were 12. I grew up spending summers in day camps and YMCA nature based sleep-a-way’s. I learned many things from the atmosphere of camp that I still apply to my daily relations and interactions. I view camp as an opportunity for alternative education. A place where the cracks and crevices that are overlooked in public schools get filled in with highly fertile information and ideas that can lead to creative empowered breakthrough’s for young people.

An interdisciplinary arts major; I worked as an RA and Program advisor during my 4.5 years in college. These jobs led to teaching positions at art’s based summer camps and then finally to 2 years as the director of an arts and technology based overnight camp (ID TECH CAMP ) … The tech camp model had me as the director in charge of 40+ kids with the age range of 6 to 16. The humble and inspired 5 teacher/counselors and myself made this model everything that it could be within the prescribed parameters. However, it wasn’t everything I loved about camp – it lacked the nature element- as well as the funky/ weird/spiritual summer camp traditions that were the main event at the camps I grew up at.

I’ve successfully worked as a freelance artist, musician and designer for the last decade – but have awoken again to the call to offer my vision, talents and gifts with future generations.

I am excited to be calling in the vision – prayer and players that will make Unifier’s future camp all it can be!

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Summer camp spirit storming session . Calling all action heroes ~ summer camp needs YOU!

I believe that – like our “festival culture”, summer camp holds so much potential for transformation, activation and growth. This workshop is dedicated to discussing what summer camp is – and what it’s about to become. Let’s Revive summer camp man of the youth are not attending camp and for those of use who did we have fond memories and a few life lessons we learned from them. Let’s create ideas for  the opportunity for  amazing experiences for the youth and future generations. I have caught a glimpse of what is possible for the camp at Unifier’s future grounds and I look forward to learning what YOUR contribution to camp might be… For this workshop/ discussion – I want to meet kids/ parents/ and anyone who prides them self on being a kid at heart.

Ultimately, I’m looking for action heroes who want to get involved in making a significant difference in the lives and outlook of the next generation. Come pow-wow with me – and share your thoughts and view. The revolution is hiring – it’s time to get in-tune – walk our talk and take it all to the next level. We’ve god this, and it’s gonna be FUN!

Is Intention for Healing Enough? – Consciousness Evolution / Spiritual

Mayer Kirkpatrick is a licensed acupuncturist since 1991, Developer of Guided Energy Medicine, Founder of Forest Medicines Sanctuary, Inc.- a 501(c)3 spiritual based non-profit and retreat center in Western Mass and a Father of 4.

Mayer has worked with over 22,000 thousand individuals and, through this learning, has developed unique and effective ways to access and work with the root cause of ailments.

This is a participatory workshop. Your willingness to be open and curious will allow you to learn significant directives for your healing process.

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Is Intention for Healing Enough?

Energy follows our focus. Focusing on our problem for healing is a dual path- ignoring it may not bring the necessary focus and focusing on the problem can make it more activated.

This workshop will demonstrate and allow for an inner experience when a healing intention is correct. We will also explore which layer of oneself- spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical) is the primary block to releasing the problem.

A communication with the conscious body, the part of ourselves that is aligned with our Highest Truth is the GEM path to healing. In this process of Guided Energy Medicine, we meet and develop the medicine that we carry. !

Lolly Be

Lolly Be is an activist, holistic healer, water protector and traveler. She specializes in recovery from PTSD and abusive relationships. She lead the mental health team at Standing Rock.

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Lessons from Standing Rock

Lolly Be lived at the water protector pipeline resistance camp for 5 months in Standing Rock. She shares observations and lessons, anecdotes and challenges from time at the globally impactful gathering.


Our Mission:
ReTribe supports youth to become powerful, self-realized adults who, together, will foster a “New Culture” built on radical acceptance and connection to self, others, and the earth.

ReTribe is an organization based out of Vermont that offers summer camps for children and teens as well as year round school programming. Our programs include; Rites of Passage retreats for teens-using meditation, yoga, wilderness solo, breathwork, and live action role playing, day camps and school programs for children-teaching traditional skills and imaginative, wild play in the woods, and adult and college programming- teaching traditional living skills, and facilitating deep healing through Integral Breathwork.

ReTribe provides a wide range of programs that all help to guide youth and adults through the many transformations of life. Whether it be the small changes of childhood as our day campers learn to build fires, carve wood, and explore their imaginations in the woods, or the profound changes that the teens face on our Rites of Passage retreats as they find themselves, and explore deep emotions, participants will come away from all our programs having grown and transformed, bringing them one step closer to the person that they hope to become.

ReTribe was created as a response to the imbalances we see in the world in an attempt to foster a healthy culture that can help humanity move through this challenging time.
ReTribe is more than just an educational organization, we are a community of people who want to live our lives in connection with each other and the earth. Many of our staff live cooperatively together year round. We grow most of our own food and spend our days doing what we can to help others heal, and find a positive and joyful way to contribute to our world. When we aren’t running programming, we try to create space for community by playing music in the local parks, and holding gatherings where we can share healthy food from our gardens.

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ReTribe : Warrior Training and Capture the Flag with Foam weapons. (Recommended for ages 7 and up)

Join ReTribe cofounders and educators John Hunt and Julia Martin to become a hero in an epic battle with foam swords and battle axes. We will teach you how to fight like a true warrior with honor and nobility. This is a wildly fun game of capture the flag that offers the opportunity for children and adults to let out some energy, engage in silly theatrical role play, and feel a sense of community as we play together.

Hanifa Nayo

Hanifa picked up the guitar 20 years ago to accompany her poetry and songs and has been on a ride of spirit, healing, and soul connecting ever since. She is answering her calling as an artist and soul teacher blending by her sweet songs with somatic healing and guided meditations.

Hanifa Nayo- means the Bringer of Happiness With Whom I Go in Yorubic.

Native to Detroit and currently living in New Haven, CT Hanifa has been bringing the happiness since 1977.

Hanifa is a spoken word poet, creative writer, storyteller, and intuitive energy healer.

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Mantras For The Revolution

Join healing songtress Hanifa Nayo offering medicine in her words, mantras,and songs.

Circle up with her for a radical healing session called Mantras For The Revolution- experience deep connection, sacred play, release, and a sweet energetic tune up!

Casey Ray

The Binaural Beat Brothers create therapeutic, primal cosmic jazz via gongs, didjeridoos, singing bowls, percussion, and of course our signature sidekick soundscapes of research-backed binaural beats applied to cosmically-calculated frequencies and tones. Ranging from revitalizing and rejuvenating to movement and dance inspiration, the experiences had at our events are surely unique, memorable, and always transformative as we hold space in sound. All our compositions are original and intentional, and act as guiding lamps on your journey back home to self.
Based in Western Massachusetts, we provide the Pioneer Valley with a range of regular events from monthly movement and restoration programs to collaborations with herbalists and other teachers of transformative sciences and arts. We host dance events, provide sound with bodywork, conduct workshops on cymatics and therapeutic sound, as well as offer customized private sound sessions. Find us on Facebook, or visit to stay updated on our events!

Sacred Geometry and Cosmic Cymatics

The Ancient Ones knew profound secrets to the cosmos without what we call modern technology. Through their understandings, they built cultures, religions and megalithic structures, as well as expanded their knowledge and understanding of practical interactions with this universe in both space and time. To this day, their perspective of reality remains hidden, though the same traces exist which they followed to arrive at their understandings. In this workshop we will explore a possible path into the mind of those who Know, following clues found in Mother Nature, Father Sky, and I Within using the lenses of Sacred Geometry and Cymatics as our tools, and the human being itself as the instrument of scientific study.

The realm of Sacred Geometry is vast and immensely deep, so we will approach it as an observer on a tour, through conversation and discovery of key aspects that resonate with the clues we have of the Ancient Ones’ knowings. We will explore the Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry in Esoteric Christianity, as well as connections between Plato, Kepler, and neutron packing in atomic nuclei. Then, to transition into cymatics we will touch upon the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio and the Music of Life.

After our tour through discoveries and epiphanies in Sacred Geometry, we will explore the incredible land of cosmic cymatics – the study of (sound) waves and their influence upon/within the cosmos. Pioneered in modern times by Hans Jenny, the study of cymatics has an incredible impact on the way we may view the physical universe. Through our experience of cymatics, we will connect our understandings found in Sacred Geometry to sound, atoms, ideas and thought-forms as well as current technologies using electromagnetic energy in intriguing ways. With a splash of conversation about the study of perception itself, we will end our workshop by listening to a short composition found in the Fibonacci sequence and ponder the possibilities that await in our potential for co-creation.

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“Waist-Free” Beginner Hoop Workshop (with Space Dolphin!) – Dancers


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“Waist-Free” Beginner Hoop Workshop (with Space Dolphin!)

In this workshop, we’ll learn a variety of hoop tricks for beginners. Don’t let difficulty with “regular” ol’ hula hooping on your waist hold you back from learning how to flow out! All of the moves we’re going to explore do not require the ability to waist hoop. Some extra hoops provided, bringing your own hoop(s) still encouraged.

Xander Nixon

Alexander “Xander” Nixon is a Master Hooper transplanted to Brooklyn, NYC from Tampa, FL back in 2000. He has been hooping for 14 years and is the vanguard of Double Hooping, with numerous “moves” that testify to his creative exploration.

Nixon teaches Group Hoop classes indoors and outdoors in NYC, and credits Stephan “Spins” Pildes for initiation him into the Hooping Art.

Xander’s workshops will focus on synchronizing your body’s motion to your hoop’s motion, sequencing moves for maximum BANG, and, of course, how to DAZZLE with DOUBLE HOOPING.

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Double Hooping by Xander™ Workshop

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