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Alex Dorr is a mycophile and yoga teacher inoculated in Amherst, MA. Graduate from Hampshire College with a BA studying mycology with a focus on mycoremediation. Certified in commercial mushroom spawn making, and clean room techniques from Aloha Medicinals the world’s largest producer of organic medicinal mushrooms. Owner and founder of Mushroom Revival, one of the first organic commercial Cordyceps militaris mushroom farms in the United States, and producer of medicinal mushroom value added products. Former lab manager, spawn producer and education coordinator for Fungi Ally in Hadley MA. Working with Corenewal, working on a full scale bioremediation project to remediate toxic oil pits left by Chevron/Texaco in the Sucumbios region of Ecuador. Author of the book Mycoremediation Handbook: a Grassroots Guide to Cultivation and Remediation of Toxic Waste with Fungi. Has taught workshops and has made installations all over the country and has done research all over the world. Alex ust got back from consulting farmers and building a mushroom lab in Jamaica.You could call him a lifer to the wonderful world of all things fungi.


Mushrooms 101


A lot of people say mushrooms are going to save the world. Perhaps they are already doing it.

Dive into the entrancing world of mushrooms with this exciting workshop led by spore master – Alex Dorr.

Mushrooms have the ability to degrade toxic waste including plastic, stop cancerous tumors in their tracks, make alternatives to styrofoam, plywood, leather, and even build a house. They are the largest and one of the oldest organisms on the planet. Their wisdom to give us food, medicine and profound entheogenic experiences is extraordinary. They have shaped our evolution and consciousness, formed religions, and saved millions of lives. Learn what all the hyphae is about in this 101 workshop all about mushrooms. Dive in and come out the other side totally inoculated!


Get yourself into the woods and connect to the mystical world of Mushrooms. Cultivate the remembrance of our ancestors of finding our own food, medicine, fiber, tools, dyes and more. We will explore the grounds of Unifier and search for wild edible and medicinal mushrooms and beyond. Join two mushrooms experts – John Michelotti and Alex Dorr for a mushroom journey you will not forget! Leave with knowledge in your belt on how to go on mushroom forays to find some easy to identify edible and medicinal mushrooms, and hopeful a basket full of goodies!


Thomas Matherly

Wild Edibles Walk

Friday, 11am-1pm, EarthWays, Bending Tree

We are surrounded by a plethora of medcines and wild foods every day. During this walk-shop we’ll find and learn about some of the plants on the land and Camp Timber Trails and talk about identification techniques. We will also discuss sustainable harvesting and re-generative life style. As we go we’ll take time to listen to plants and learn to speak their language.

Chinese Five Elements For Healing And Chi Kung

Saturday, 11:30am-1pm, EarthWays, Bending Tree

The Chinese Five Elements are a tool that we can use to interpret and understand human health and the world around us. In this workshop we will explore the Chinese Five Element Theory through interactive lecture and Qi Gong. We will learn how to observe the Five Elements in our daily lives and how they can be utilized to guide us along our path. Other aspects of this workshop include, balancing human health conditions with the five elements, the elements of healing plants and five element permaculture: how to use the five elements for design.

Intro to Tai Chi

Sunday, 3-5pm, Yoga Beach

Tai Chi is a great way to stay healthy and offers a wonderful life philosophy. In this workshop we’ll learn some basic techniques for unlocking the flow of energy in our bodies. We’ll go over a small Tai Chi set and play with partner drills such as internal push hands and sticky hands! 
We’ll cultivate chi together while becoming deeply rooted and connected with momma earth!
I look forward to seeing you there and practicing together!


Thomas Matherly of Fox Tracks Healing Arts Began his studies in herbal medicine in 2009 with Chris Marano of Clearpath herbals and apprecnticed for over 7 years. Over this time he attended Chris’ full offering of classes and gained hands on experience with growing, harvesting and (sustainably) wild harvesting herbs, making extracts and custom blending formulas for clients, managing a fully functional apothecary, plant spirit medicine and wrapping all of these skills into a bundle through (and for) clinical consultation. After his apprenticeship he continued his practice working with plants and people, leading wild plant walks and teaching workshops on the Chinese Five Elements.

Tree ID 101: Learning a process to Identify Trees

No experience necessary to learn about how trees are identified! Using samples collected previously and trees observed while walking the property, participants will practice the basic steps in tree (and plant) identification. Hand-outs will be provided, please bring a pen or pencil to take notes. This is a fun hands-on workshop that is interactive and provides opportunities for dialog.

CJ Lammers, Certified Arborist, Educator, Lecturer. Certified Arborist since 1987; frequent presenter of Tree ID 101 to various groups and festivals.


Save the Pollinators: A Seed Bomb Making Workshop

Save the Pollinators: A Seed Bomb Making Workshop


One-third of the food we eat develop their fruits and seeds with the help of insect pollinators such as butterflies, moths, wasps, and bees. Pollinators are essential to a resilient food system but many species are currently on decline.
Stop by this workshop to find out why pollinator species are struggling and what you can do about it. We will be making seed bombs! Seed bombs are little balls of clay, compost, and native seeds that you throw on the ground. You can throw them in your yard, garden, field or a neglected space to transform it into a flowering oasis of pollinator friendly forage.
Britt Florio is a New England native on a mission to create a sustainable and equitable food system for all. Britt’s roots are in regenerative agriculture, education, and permaculture design. She was a farmer in New York for many years before moving to western Massachusetts where she now works in the farm to institutions food movement. Britt holds a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut and is currently working on a Masters in Sustainability Science at UMass Amherst. In her free time Britt loves to rock climb, practice herbalism, and is learning to play the ukulele.
Medicinal Mushrooms for People and the Planet

Medicinal Mushrooms for People and the Planet


People have been utilizing mushrooms for thousands of years for healing. Let’s talk about which mushrooms have been utilized and how, what research and anecdotal evidence is out there and what resources you can trust. Learn how to make your own medicine and get involved.  Also, the earth has been using mushrooms to heal for millions of years. From the first organism to grow on the earth and make nutrients accessible for other life on earth to honey bee immune systems and colony collapse, let’s talk about ways mushrooms are already healing the planet and how we can help.
John Michelotti is the owner of Catskill Fungi whose mission is to empower people with Fungi though outdoor educational mushroom classes, cultivation courses, private consultations, mushroom art, and mushroom health supplements which he produces from mushrooms he grows on his family farm in the Catskill Mountains. John is the President of the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association (MHMA) and has presented at the Telluride Mushroom Festival, Northeastern Mycological Association Foray, as well as the New York Botanical Gardens. He served on the Mushroom Advisory Panel for Certified Naturally Grown to develop ecological standards in mushroom production. His goal is to educate and inspire people to pair with fungi to improve health, environment and communities.


Eva VanAken and Jillian Tomlinson

Eva VanAken has been employed as a environmental educator since 2006 and received her bachelor’s degree from the Audubon Expedition Institute and technical certification from the Maine Compost School. She has always had a special interest in waste reduction strategies and enjoys working with all age groups and demographics to empower and inspire a joyful lighthearted relationship to environmental challenges. Eva has been the Green Team Manager for Unifier Festival since the first gathering in 2014.

Jillian Tomlinson is returning this year for her second time in the role of Green Team Assistant Manager. Jillian attended UMass Amherst where she studied Sustainable Community Development and Sustainable Food and Farming. Her passion lies in art, music, Earth-based spirituality, and local food movements where together we can co-create a beautiful world.

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Food Composting for our Future

Compost is synonymous with alchemy! In this fun, hands-on workshop we will explore strategies for building and sustaining a healthy compost pile in your back yard. Topics covered include: compost vs.climate change; creating a balanced compost “recipe”; how to deter animals; pile management and problem solving; and compost application. From kitchen to garden this workshop will cover everything you need to know about small scale composting and more!

Britt Florio

Brittany Florio’s roots are in regenerative agriculture, education, and permaculture design. She was a farmer in New York for many years before moving to western Massachusetts where she now works in the farm to institutions movement. Britt holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut and is currently working on a masters in Sustainability Science at UMass Amherst. In her free time, Britt loves to kayak, practice herbalism, and is learning to play the ukulele.

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Where does our food comes from?

Join this one hour discussion on the food movement from seed to table. Participants will gain an understanding of local and global food systems through hands on activities. Together we will examine the challenges and opportunities to create real food system changes.

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