Stepping Up Yo’ Acro Game

Jeremy Martin is a grade A Acro yoga teacher and goofball, serving his community by teaching what he loves from festivals to circus schools all over the country. Currently based in Boston MA but also known as the one and only @homelessyogi , if you manage can catch a class with him when he rolls through your town, you are destined to (not walk but) fly away with a ton of learning and laughs under your belt.
Carly Gladyce is an Herbalist and Acro enthusiast based in Ithaca NY but hitting the road this summer for a grand tour of healing and acrobatic communities across the USA. She loves sharing the challenges and rewards of acro play with experienced folks and newbies alike. She hosts weekly acro jams in her area. @herbs4carly has been known to take long plant walks in the woods and spend hours talking about herbal healing but when it comes time for acro, she spring up on your feet faster than a weed after a rainstorm.

We would like to offer classes, beginner and intermediate, in order to share our love of acro yoga// partner acrobatics with folks at this festival. Our class will be tailored to maintain high levels of fun, safety, learning, trust building and FUN!


Denise Porter Kemp

Stillness in Motion: Guided Freeform Dance Meditation

This workshop utilizes guided mindfulness movement and spontaneous freeform dance meditation as experiential metaphor for resetting unconscious yet familiar patterns; in the way we approach our movement practice, in the way we move when we dance and in how we relate to the unique circumstances of our lives. I will offer meditative orientations to help us notice how the forces of momentum, conditioned habits, preconceptions, our own will, each other, the environment around us and even the music direct our movement, we will experiment with consciously unhooking ourselves from following this momentum. In the space of the pause we can potentially tap into the experiencing witness state, pure awareness underlying all other states of consciousness – the silence ever-present behind the sound, the spaciousness inside our form and the stillness of each moment within the movement – and allow fresh insight and creative possibilities to arise. Instead of repeating pattern or even identifying as the “dancer” and moving by our own will alone, the dance takes form through us. Informed yet not defined, limited or controlled by everything we have experienced so far in our lives. All levels welcome, no prior experience necessary. I will offer variations to suit every body.

Accompanied with live improvisational sound and music by Kālidāsa Joseph Getter

Denise Porter Kemp

Denise Porter Kemp makes stillness, movement and yoga meditation practices accessible to the uniqueness of every body while expressing the underlying psychology and teachings through the experiential practice of the physical form. Currently based in the forests of New Hampshire, she brings her traveling school to private homes, offices at lunchtime, ski mountains, addiction recovery centers, yoga studios and music festivals all along the east coast. Certified at the 500 hour level in the Shakti Flow Vinyasa style of yoga by Asa Dustin of At OM Yoga, Level 1 in Thai Yoga by Shai Plonski of Still Light Center and initiated into the Kaula lineage of Kashmir Shaivism by Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati, Denise has studied with many teachers and learns from everyone who comes her way. She has been teaching yoga since 2005 and offering Thai Yoga since 2011. ~ body geometry, pure awareness ~ ~

Kālidāsa Joseph Getter

Kalidasa Joseph Getter is a creative world musician with decades of experience in kirtan, experimental music, Jazz, Indonesian gamelan, Indian classical music, and music for the circus, yoga, theater, dance and sound healing.

DJ Journey Weaver

DJ Journey Weaver (aka. Sarah Monette)
Inspired by a love of dance and connection, Journey moves your spirit and form through space with the push of beats and the invitation of melody. From organic world rhythms to ambient chill, deep house to global base… each set is nourishingly familiar yet cravingly unique. Producer of Nexus Ecstatic Dance AmherstGLOW (an I-Opener NYC project)Ecstatic Dance Boston  and Co-founder of I-Opener Dance, she also works with Mandala, Redivine Dance NH, Dance New England, and several festival organizations around the world.
Journey’s other projects include Nexus Expressions .. a multilayer collective that designs, facilitates, promotes and manages dance events, instructors, transformational retreats, DJs, and workshops ….and Synthesis – Authentic Relating which guides connective group experiences through interactive exercises and movement in regular meetups and immersion retreats.  She has a passion for systems and creating experiences which invite nourishing exploration in the dance and relational delight in community.
Her recent appearances include..
~ Goa Ecstatic Festival
~ Dance Lab NYC
~ Ecstatic Dance Tel Aviv
~ Authentic International Maui
~ Dance Beyond Guatemala
~ Soul Play Festival California
~ SAMA Vancouver
~ Ecstatic Dance Berlin
She plays for contact improv jams, music & art festivals, ecstatic dances, guided journeys, yoga workshops, Daybreaker, and more… providing a range of experiences from warm up morning flow to high-vibe midnight peak. Journey loves traveling and adores taking dancers on a wave of creative expression and connective discovery!
Listen to some of her sets at
Follow her adventures on


Space Dolphin

Maria Bartolotta (a.k.a. Space Dolphin) is a galactic aquanaut and flow artist who specializes in hooping. She also spins dragon staff, triangles that she named “goops,” and more! Fire spinning is one of her favorite ways to flow, and she performs at Burning Man with the Boston fire conclave Incineration Congregation. She has performed at festivals like Psychedelic Sleepover, Unifier, and Great North, and loves lighting up Boston bass music shows with her LED hoop. She strives to make her flow creative, powerful, weird, and sometimes even creepy.

Maria works full-time as the Studio Manager of The Record Co., a nonprofit organization with the mission of creating a sustainable and equitable music scene in the Boston area. She works on community development and heads TRC’s affordable recording program.



Hypnotic Flux

Hypnotic Flux


Hypnotic Flux, also known as Lauren Vissicchio, has been practicing Movement Arts since the age of 3. She studied traditional Dance for 13 years until she moved on to the Flow Arts when she was 18 years old. She is proficient with Hoop Dance, Twin Hoops, Fire Fans, Silk Fans, Palm Torches, and Fire Hoops. She also loves to drop the props on some special occasions in Ritual Dance performances! You can catch her eclectic, hypnotic, and energizing performances around the state of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire!


Hilary Lake

Hilary Lake


Moving in Grace: Elemental Earth Body

Come to Moving in Grace to find yourself in love, with yourself, with the Earth and with others in community. To allow yourself to InBody the Change that you wish to be through this love as you learn how to be deeply with yourself around others so that you can fully express yourself with others and cultivate more loving connections. Let go of trying, rest in knowing you are enough and allow this knowing to guide you towards what nourishes, nurtures and enlivens you as you bring the light of your awareness into the darkness.

We will move what needs to be moved and celebrate being in the mystery of life together. There will be a guided somatic meditation into movement with improvisational musicians co-creating the pulse with us as we drop into our connection with the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) and allow movement and vocalization to guide us into nourishing, expansive, sensual, playful & celebratory expression in connection with all beings.

No movement or meditation experience needed! Just come as you are with your curiosity of how you will be moved.

Hilary Lake

Hilary Lake is an expressive arts community minister who spans her ministry across diverse communities by bringing her embodied awareness and expression into relationship with the land and all who she meets. She has been contemplating spirituality, studying religion, dancing and singing having studied many forms, from the classical to improvisational throughout her life. She graduated from Harvard Divinity School with an MDiv in Buddhist Ministry while having a daily Kundalini yoga practice for many years. She spent time in Thailand, India and Nepal studying the Thai Forest Tradition, Tibetan Buddhism and Charya Nritya, a tantric Buddhist dance form. She has been trained and certified in Somatic Body (a 500 hr. BMC based training), JourneyDance and Infinity Healing Practice with Gabrielli LaChiara as well as Walking in Balance, an indigenous council practice. She also collaboratively owned and ran Nine Mountain Retreat Center and lived at Earthdance, a dance and artist residency retreat center for several years and helped to found the Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives. She offers InBody Intuitive Guidance sessions as well as Moving in Grace, in workshops, retreats and conferences in diverse communities with a commitment to cultivating a culture of welcome, inclusion, resilience and reconciliation for All. Find out more information about Hilary and Moving in Grace here:


Buugeng Basics & Finding Your Flow in Life, Dance and Performance

Finding your flow in life, dance and performance…

Buugeng Basics

Ray “Harperpective” is flow artists and dancer based out of Colorado. With a long background in Hip-hop and tribal-fusion dance the Harperspective project fuses those styles with Buugeng to help create a heart-driven, story-telling performance that encourages a deep connection to the celebration of life.

I have been dancing and flowing for over 8 years and in the last year alone I performed on stage at various festivals including Rootwire, Kinnection, Shamanic Boom, Divine Pine, Blissfall, and Oregon Eclipse. I performed in Denver at least 50 times for artists including Zebbler Encanti Experience, Duffrey, Cualli, Soulacybin, kLL sMTH, Halfred, Zonra, Droplitz and many more. I have even been teaching Buugeng workshops for 2 years.



Soul Dance with DJ Nataraj

Dance Church with DJ Nataraj will take participants on a guided, spiritually uplifting world dance music journey of free-movement expression! The format is loosely based on the 5 Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth and brings dancers through lyrical elements up to a high-energy release and back to stillness. Soul Dance is a similar type of journey, but more guided; the musical selections are all chosen around a transformative theme.

DJ Nataraj is a conscious dance facilitator and live musician based in Ithaca, NY. He is the founder of Dance Church Ithaca, a weekly free-movement expression event based on the 5 Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth, and also of Soul Dance, a monthly themed Conscious Dance also in Ithaca. Both have been ongoing for more than 4 years. He has also toured with the bands One Love Chant and Harmonic Temple Collective, and performed at events such as Burning Man and its regional festivals, and the Mysteryland Festival.


Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance


Come Dance! We are setting up a safe space to let go, tap in, and feel vibrantly alive through ecstatic movement.

A wave of eclectic beats will gently warm up your body and build to a stomping ecstatic pulse. Winding down softly, things will wrap up with sound healing and intention.
Lets create something BEAUTIFUL.

1. To honor and deepen the journey we request no talking on the dance floor.
2. Care/Awareness for the space and each other
3. Move your body however you wish
4. You can dance alone, or with as many partners as (you) like to join. (If you’d rather not dance with someone, thank them for the offer by placing your hands in prayer position at your heart – Namaste.)

Omar Aena:
Omar Aena is a conscious dance ambassador and community organizer based in New York City. His passion and focus is in bringing people together to experience a sense of belonging, connection and freedom.

He is co-organizer, facilitator and DJ at Ecstatic Dance NYC and creator of Dance Lab, a weekly event in Brooklyn for somatic inquiry. A student of various mystical traditions – including Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, Advaita Vedanta and other philosophies of non-duality – Omar seeks to integrate these age-old, wisdom teachings into his life in the big city.

His background in Conscious Dance started in 2012 when he was introduced to 5Rhythms and then eventually Ecstatic Dance. This set him off on a journey around the world, meeting and dancing with many different communities, absorbing various styles, flavors and inspirations from each one. He has now stepped into DJ’ing, where his globally inspired + NYC rooted taste in music has been shaking and awakening conscious dance floors around the world.

Justin Aubuchon:
All of the great spiritual cultures held dance sacred – as a means to purify, enlighten, and release the vast stores of energy inside us. Justin draws strength from this lineage, creating a dialog on the dance floor of shared beats, sweat, and blissful states of being. He reaches deep and plays a huge range of music – from his roots in House Music through Latin and African flavors, Bass and Dub.


Aaron Brando

AARON BRANDO holds a Masters Degree in Education and loves the art of crafting pedagogy in a non-codified system such as Contact Improvisation. Brando teaches and performs CI internationally. He has been instrumental in creating the event, CI Ground Research, which encourages the ongoing research of Contact Improvisation by dancers from around the world. Brando’s YouTube page has over a half million views and can be viewed via his website

Check out Aaron Brando on:

Youtube/Vimeo Channel

Contact Improvisation: Flow and Momentum

There is a particular world we can inhabit together that comes from teasing out, indulging in, and encouraging each other’s momentum and centrifugal force. Using skill building, open play, and collaborative investigation, we will explore how to live inside momentum and deeply connect in the exploration of contact.

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