The Binaural Beat Brothers create therapeutic, primal cosmic jazz via gongs, didjeridoos, singing bowls, percussion, and of course our signature sidekick soundscapes of research-backed binaural beats applied to cosmically-calculated frequencies and tones. Ranging from revitalizing and rejuvenating to movement and dance inspiration, the experiences had at our events are surely unique, memorable, and always transformative as we hold space in sound. All our compositions are original and intentional, and act as guiding lamps on your journey back home to self.
Based in Western Massachusetts, we provide the Pioneer Valley with a range of regular events from monthly movement and restoration programs to collaborations with herbalists and other teachers of transformative sciences and arts. We host dance events, provide sound with bodywork, conduct workshops on cymatics and therapeutic sound, as well as offer customized private sound sessions. Find us on Facebook, or visit to stay updated on our events!

Sacred Geometry and Cosmic Cymatics

The Ancient Ones knew profound secrets to the cosmos without what we call modern technology. Through their understandings, they built cultures, religions and megalithic structures, as well as expanded their knowledge and understanding of practical interactions with this universe in both space and time. To this day, their perspective of reality remains hidden, though the same traces exist which they followed to arrive at their understandings. In this workshop we will explore a possible path into the mind of those who Know, following clues found in Mother Nature, Father Sky, and I Within using the lenses of Sacred Geometry and Cymatics as our tools, and the human being itself as the instrument of scientific study.

The realm of Sacred Geometry is vast and immensely deep, so we will approach it as an observer on a tour, through conversation and discovery of key aspects that resonate with the clues we have of the Ancient Ones’ knowings. We will explore the Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry in Esoteric Christianity, as well as connections between Plato, Kepler, and neutron packing in atomic nuclei. Then, to transition into cymatics we will touch upon the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio and the Music of Life.

After our tour through discoveries and epiphanies in Sacred Geometry, we will explore the incredible land of cosmic cymatics – the study of (sound) waves and their influence upon/within the cosmos. Pioneered in modern times by Hans Jenny, the study of cymatics has an incredible impact on the way we may view the physical universe. Through our experience of cymatics, we will connect our understandings found in Sacred Geometry to sound, atoms, ideas and thought-forms as well as current technologies using electromagnetic energy in intriguing ways. With a splash of conversation about the study of perception itself, we will end our workshop by listening to a short composition found in the Fibonacci sequence and ponder the possibilities that await in our potential for co-creation.

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