Cacao Ceremony & Inner Work Group

Join Heartblood Cacao owners Ambe & Moses for two sweet, heart-centered ceremonies, using the medicine of cacao. Cacao has been used for centuries in ceremonial settings because of its ability to support connection, focus and heart-opening. Cacao is a gentle energy that enhances whatever space we’re in and invites us to connect more fully.

During both sessions, we will be offering a ceremonial serving of cacao and will share more about this plant and its uses in the inner realms. We will also lead a guided meditation to bring attention to the energy that cacao helps open.

The first ceremony will be the next day in a smaller, more intimate group setting. Here, we will use the cacao to take us deeper into our own process of healing & growth. Through sharing, exercises and a loving container, people will be supported in finding what they need on their inner journey.

The second ceremony will be a more casual experience with the medicine of cacao and will flow into the musical performances of the evening.  The group will meet under the Big Tree on the Unifier Field Stage in the late afternoon on Saturday.

Moses & Ambe have been working with cacao for over five years and bring their collective experience in a wide range of inner exploration to their work. They hold a gentle, supportive space for people to unfold as they are.

For more info on ceremonial cacao, see:



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